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July 11th, 2008
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WordPress for iPhone: Big news from the Automattic team yesterday. They released a first look at their iPhone App that works on both and blogs. The application is Open Source, available from the iPhone App store and will be available for free. The screen real estate problem with the large on screen keyboard looks to be largely solved with this app and it adds the ability to modify previous posts and view your blog on the web. The official iPhone app for WordPress blog is linked above. The application received rave reviews from a variety of sources such as TechCrunch and Webware and talked about it yesterday. Check out the screencast when you get a chance. It definitely has a wow factor.




  1. kosir (1 comments.) says:

    heh good luck writing posts on iphones keyboard :)

  2. Skeptic (2 comments.) says:

    I’ve been using WPhone with mixed results lately. It doesn’t seem that the software has been updated at all this year and have been hoping for something new for the iPhone to come along. This looks promising and robust and can’t wait to see it show up in the app store.

  3. James (5 comments.) says:

    Now, when do we get one to set up a UI for our self hosted blogs?

  4. Dan (5 comments.) says:

    James – this does work on self hosted blogs, or am I not understanding you?

  5. amolpatil2k says:

    My guess is that Apple might be working to get some sort of gesture keyboard going so as to entice the wordy types to their next iteration. On second thoughts, if games can make use of iphone’s accelerometers and what have you, the SDK could possibly be allowing for a third party to introduce the same.

  6. HUGOOO says:

    very good news. THX

  7. R. Richard Hobbs (4 comments.) says:

    Taking the chance that this could be THE one un-coolest thing to say in THIS crowd, “where’s the BlackBerry WordPress app?” – thx!

  8. Viper007Bond (91 comments.) says:

    Skeptic: us WPhone developers were actually just talking about updating it when word of this came which immediately prompted us to give up, heh.

  9. mike (1 comments.) says:

    can’t find it on Appstore…

  10. Skeptic (2 comments.) says:

    Thanks Viper. Was wondering what happened to you guys! :)

  11. Jason Hansen (15 comments.) says:

    I wonder why Apple is sitting on it? I’m ready to take a look at it.


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