WordPress Plugin Releases for 11/07

November 7th, 2008
WordPress Plugins

New Plugins

Slayer’s Custom Widget

This plugin will make your widgetized sidebars so flexible that you will almost think that your running a more advanced CMS system and not WordPress.

Updated Plugins


A tumblelog engine / theme for self-hosted WordPress with some bits of microformats love.

Comment Reply Notification

When a reply is made to a comment the user has left on the blog, an e-mail shall be sent to the user to notify him of the reply. This will allow the users to follow up the comment and expand the conversation if desired.

Virtual Multiblog

Virtual Multiblog allows you to run more than one blog off a single install of WordPress. Each blog is managed as a complete separate install — separate admin sections, separate users, etc. They will happily co-exist with different themes and plugins activated. The biggest advantage is that you will only have to keep one set of program files up-to-date, and this method should be expandable to as many different blogs as you like.

Theme Switch

With this plugin you can switch to a totally different blog template when you are logged in to your WordPress dashboard. Includes a widget.


cforms is a highly customizable, flexible and powerful form builder plugin, covering a variety of use cases and features from attachments to multi form management, you can even have multiple forms on the same page!

MiniMeta Widget

“Mini” Version of the WordPress Meta Widget with different logon types (Form,Link) and additional Admin Links and Blog Links.

A Year Before

Show a list of articles, which were written a certain time ago.

Attachment Manager

This will allow you to better manage how your attachments are handled. Attachments can be easily listed after posts, complete with icons.

[EDIT] Sorry about the title of the post. :-)




  1. Mattias (32 comments.) says:

    And the themes? ;)

  2. MCSE Angie (1 comments.) says:

    I’ll be honest…i’m not a fan of csforms. it seems like there is a new update every week which in itself is a good thing but it just makes for too much work backing everything up.

  3. Stijn (8 comments.) says:

    Wrong title dude. ;-)

  4. James says:

    I am pretty sure it is supposed to say WordPress Plugins

  5. Shaun Connell (3 comments.) says:

    The themes aren’t loading correctly! :-O ;-p

  6. Alex (5 comments.) says:

    I am not seeing the themes. I think something is wrong with the images.

  7. Shawn Ann (7 comments.) says:

    I had to do a double take to make sure I clicked the right link when the themes didn’t show up LOL

  8. Neri (2 comments.) says:

    WTF?? Plugins Or Themes?

  9. trench (30 comments.) says:

    Plugins? haha

  10. Ollie (2 comments.) says:

    Heh, had me confused for a second as well. To be fair to Ajay, I think this is the first time this has happened, out of how many hundreds of “Theme Releases” and “Plugin Releases” posts!?

  11. Jaypee (20 comments.) says:

    Came here also expecting to see WordPress Themes but was surprised to see that the items listed are instead, Plugins. :D

  12. Ajay (209 comments.) says:

    Sorry about the confusion folks. Stupid typo!

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