WordPress Theme Releases for 10/29




Contender is a three column, fixed width, adsense ready theme.



Fixed width, three column, gravatar and widget ready theme.

Pink Orchid


A clean simple SEO optimized three column template in soft pink colors. The theme has two widget ready sidebars, gravatar support and is ad ready. The theme features a bio box that can be edited independently of the side bars and is unaffected by the use of widgets.

Grey Matter


Grey Matter is an two column, gravatar & widget ready, free and easy to use WordPress theme.




  1. ChaosKaizer (62 comments.) says:

    I’m quite skeptic with the words SEO optimize.
    NeeWee is good choice for this batch. its versatile theme.

    no live demo from all themes :|

    • Byron (20 comments.) says:

      I understand your skepticism. Nothing will replace a blog author’s attention to detail. But there are some basics that a theme author can do in a theme,like getting the title right, putting content first, etc.

      Also, for Contender, (the theme’s home) is the live demo.

      • ChaosKaizer (62 comments.) says:

        thanks for the correction byron.

        There is so many SEO optimize themes with “catch phrase” these days. If they know that WP has dozens ways to reach to the same post and why singular (single,page,attachment) section should have more weight than the rest of the archive, day, month, year, date, time, hour, minute, second, categories, tags, taxonomy sections. I would called it SEO themes.

  2. Michael Aulia (4 comments.) says:

    You’ll be surprise though as to how many themes aren’t SEO optimized (for example for not having the H1 tag for the title of the post)

  3. Chetan (1 comments.) says:

    NeeWee theme looks amazing. But demo is not available :(
    Thanks for sharing this one.

    • Byron (20 comments.) says:

      NeeWee does look great. I think that the theme’s home page is the actual demo on that one too…just the dark color version only.

      • Chetan (9 comments.) says:

        Ohh. i think you are right.
        Even the domain name is same as theme name. so they are dedicated the whole site for the theme itself.

  4. Maneet Puri says:

    I like the SEO tags. Pink Orchid looks great. Too bad there is no demo. Can u pls update that?

  5. designeRoof says:

    nice new themes… just like the others, i hope there’s a demo.

  6. Marlene (1 comments.) says:

    I’m using Pink Orchid and I like it. I’ve just modified the width though. :-)

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