WordPress Theme Releases for 10/09


Blue Grace


Blue Grace is a simple three column WordPress theme with a rotating header image



Two column WordPress theme which really lets your blog stand out from the crowd. Make your blog unique by changing the main blog color (pink, yellow, green), background pattern (available over 20 background variations), banner etc through an options page. In addition you have the ability to choose the color of sidebar blocks (violet, yellow, green).

Acosmin v4


Two column, white and grey, gravatar theme with ad ready stops with psd files included

Hello Red


Hello Red is a 2 column red, white, and black, widget ready WordPress theme.



Three column, widget ready, fast loading, search engine optimized theme


On the subject of themes, Matt has a tutorial Separating Pings from Comments in WordPress 2.7.




  1. Nathan Rice (18 comments.) says:

    There are several good choices in this batch —
    BlueGrace, Fancy, and Acosmith are definitely the best though.

  2. Small Business Blog (9 comments.) says:

    Fancy is just in time for my girlfriend’s new fashion and beauty blog. Wow, talk about good timing :)

  3. Christopher Ross (10 comments.) says:

    I love the simple nature of Hello Red, but they’re all great choices.

  4. minanube (4 comments.) says:

    I love acosmin V4, look elegant and semi professional

  5. Jauhari (8 comments.) says:

    Fancy header look nice ;)

  6. trench (30 comments.) says:

    good looking themes

  7. George Serradinho says:

    Some nice looking themes there.

  8. leeleaf (4 comments.) says:

    i like fancy ..

  9. balaji (1 comments.) says:

    hello red is my choice !

  10. Hendry Lee (7 comments.) says:

    Thanks for including my theme. It is worth noting that Retrospective supports fat footer and you can customize it with widget sidebar 2-4. The first widget sidebar is for the left sidebar.

  11. Jonathan (7 comments.) says:

    Wow, what kind of plugin do you have going on here? It puts a number right in the middle of everyone’s face! I can’t wait to see what it will do to me.. I’m #10.

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