WordPress Plugin Releases for 10/08

October 8th, 2008
WordPress Plugins


ZdMultilang is a Multilingual plugin for WordPress allowing you to blog in more than one language. You can define multiple languages and translate posts/tags/categories using the interface that will be added to your blog’s administration panel.

Gravatar Recent Comment

Gravatar recent comments is a plugin allowing you to display recent comments using Gravatar instead of just the name of the user.

Ovulation Predictor

This plugin displays functional ovulation and due date predictor. It can be used from women to check their future fertile time and due date.

Better Howdy

Remove ‘Howdy’ and restructure the ‘Howdy’ line.

WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache is a static caching plugin for WordPress. It generates html files that are served directly by Apache without processing comparatively heavy PHP scripts. By using this plugin you will speed up your WordPress blog significantly.

Post Revision Display

Display the list of revisions for a post, without having to go through the admin interface


This plugin was written do allow usage of different themes for logged in users. It is intended for theme developers who want to test their themes on live sites without breaking things for visitors.


Wp2BB integrates your WordPress blog and your phpBB forum. It automatically creates new topics in the forum for every new post in your blog.

Comment Toolbar

This plug-in adds up to six buttons at the end (or the top) of every comments to automatically insert Comments Navigation, Reply and Quote functions


Zina is a graphical interface to your MP3 collection, a personal jukebox, an MP3 streamer.




  1. Jessi (3 comments.) says:

    But is Zina a WordPress plugin? I don’t think so, after reading the page you link to. WordPress isn’t mentioned even once.

  2. scribu (42 comments.) says:

    Given the fact that many plugins appear several times, I think it would be useful to add the current version for each, from now on, so that people know that’s they are not new plugins, but rather newly updated plugins.

    • Myron Tay (2 comments.) says:

      Or rather just list the good stuffs? I can’t imagine a blog using the ovulation predictor

      • Jessi (3 comments.) says:

        You know what they say about making assumptions. ;-)

        From the Ovulation Predictor plugin page:

        This ovulation predictor / due date calculator is intended to blogs who write about health, family planning, pregnancy, women, sexual education etc. The plugin helps your visitors predict their next most fertile period and estimated due date based on their cycle length.

        Sounds quite useful to me.

  3. Richard Blair (1 comments.) says:

    Comment toolbar is sweet! I wish other comment field plugins were as clean and compatible.

  4. ovidiu says:

    coming back to ZINA: sounds sweet, I’d like to have that as a wordpress plugin, but they don’t mention WP!? Being confused now, why is it lsited as a WP plugin? Any WP specific instructions anywhere?

  5. ovidiu says:

    oh, it seems the 2.0a is alpha and working with wordpress…

  6. Bierflesje says:

    Thnx ovidiu!

  7. Bierflesje says: for installation details ;)

  8. John W says:

    How does this list get compiled?

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