New DISQUS WordPress Plugin 2.0

August 13th, 2008
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New DISQUS WordPress Plugin 2.0: DISQUS, the external commenting system has introduced a new version of their WordPress plugin that will allow bloggers to import their old comments into DISQUS and will allow for moderation of comments from within the WordPress administration area. New features introduced with this version of DISQUS include:

  • Comments are indexable by search engines (SEO-friendly)
  • Export and import of comments (Can WordPress import comments if you choose to get rid of DISQUS?)
  • Automatic synchronization between and your WordPress comments
  • Uses the new Disqus API
  • Moderate/administer your blog right from the WordPress admin
  • LaughingSquid and Mashable both have reviews of the new DISQUS. Is this going to help you switch comments?

    It appears that the plugin is only compatible upto WordPress 2.3 Thanks to Otto in the comments for the heads up.




    1. amolpatil2k says:

      I once used DISQUS on some site. It took a long time to load. It introduces an extra dependency in our blog. Maybe this problem is faced only by those on a slower connection?

    2. joels (2 comments.) says:

      i cant use lot of plugins, thats will make slow my time page loads.. anyway thats nice and greats

    3. desu (1 comments.) says:

      nice, i like it better than regukar commenting, plus disqus is great for folk on blogger.

    4. Tony Scott (6 comments.) says:

      Even after going through their website, I can’t understand what the point of DISQUS as at relates to WordPress?

      Why farm out your comments to a third party site?

    5. Jeffro2pt0 (164 comments.) says:

      I don’t care how many features Disqus puts into their commenting system, I will never be able to get over the fact that my comments would be going through a third party.

    6. Trey Cruz (14 comments.) says:

      It’s suppose to build a community of users. I assume that’s the point of disqus.

      And did you guys not read? It says that it can auto sync between the comment tables and disqus. Which means you can get rid of it anytime you want without losing comments. The only downside to this is that is uses JS and some of the people on the web that has it disabled for only God knows why, it’ll cause a problem.

    7. Gianluca says:

      I don’t see a single reason to use an external commenting system … you introduce another point of failure, you slow down your website, you (I guess) need to rely on a third party website to moderate and check spam… the only decent reason of such a system would be to offload your servers, therefore I furtherly fail to see a point in a system that will put addictional load on your server syncing comments forth and back from two different systems.

      Maybe just some blogs with hundreds of valid comments each day (and thousands spam ones consequently) would benefit from such an offload … though probably, if you have hundred of comments each day you are making quite a buck from your website and you can afford to just improve your capacity rather than outsourcing it.


    8. Otto (215 comments.) says:

      Their “new” plugin flat out does not work. The export is horribly broken, still relying on the long-obsolete wp_categories table.

      It might still work if you’re running WordPress 2.3, but if you’re running a recent version, forget it.

      • Mark Ghosh (386 comments.) says:

        That is fantastic to know Otto. I will add it to the post.

        • Otto (215 comments.) says:

          Well, actually, I might be wrong. It does appear to have some issues, and the manual Export function breaks for me more or less instantly. However, it may be not needed to use the plugin, some of the internal API’s appear to handle it okay, and many people seem to have it working with WP 2.6.

          So the plugin works, but has serious issues. Lots of hard-coded bits, it probably won’t work if you have a custom wp-content location and a bunch of that sort of thing.

    9. Chris Edwards (3 comments.) says:

      I wonder if automatic synchronization through will slow down your WordPress install in any way?


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