WordPress Plugin Releases for 08/11

August 11th, 2008
WordPress Plugins

Open Web Analytics

A full featured web analytics framework that provides detailed analysis of site users, click behavior, traffic sources, feed subscriptions and content consumption.

Cross References

Insert cross-references between posts or pages with [cref postID], such as [cref 1], or optionally with [cref post-slug], for example [cref hello-world], and get all backward references automatically at the end of each post or page.

WP Microsummary Comment Track

Using Firefox 2+ Microsummaries, this plugin only displays the amount of * Approved * Pending * Spam comments that you have on your WordPress blog.

Slayer’s Ad Integration Plugin

Integrate ads in your posts. It doesn’t matter what ad you want to ad: Google Adsense, Bidvertiser, or just a link to an image this plugin can handle it, and just as every plugin it comes with a cool options panel.


RSSless is a WordPress plugin which allows you to hide specific post content from RSS readers using short codes. This is helpful for bloggers who embed videos, images, or other content which doesn’t display or embed correctly in RSS readers.

Minimum Comment Length

Allows you to set the minimum length of a comment that a user can leave.

Admin Menu Drop Down

Creates a CSS based drop down menu in your wp-admin for easy navigation through the administration area




  1. Stephen Cronin (30 comments.) says:

    Minimum Comment Length is an interesting idea, especially for dofollow blogs such as mine, which sometimes get short and useless posts just after some link love. The only problem is that occasionally, I get short comments from regulars. I don’t mind those ones and it would annoy my regulars if they couldn’t leave those.

    I’m working on a new Dofollow plugin, which is only going to remove nofollow for those commentators who are trusted and for those comments which are of good quality – perhaps I’ll add minimum comment length as part of the mix (ie short comments don’t get nofollow disabled).

    Anyway, as I said, Minimum Comment Length is a very interesting idea. Thanks Joost.

  2. autworld (9 comments.) says:

    Slayer’s Ad is a great plugin because of handling different ads.

  3. shawal (3 comments.) says:

    Very interesting plugin collection, surely going to try some…

  4. Jonathan Boettcher (2 comments.) says:

    Stephen, I agree with your comments on the minimum comment length; however would you display how long of a comment you require in order to get the dofollow enabled? I also have a dofollow blog and I’ve run into a little bit of what you’re talking about. However, it seem to me that if you said that “Comments of more than 200 characters get dofollow links” then you’re just opening yourself up to a longer variety of the same garbage you had in the beginning. If you can find a way to make it work, I’ll be your first downloader! =)

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