WordPress Plugin Releases for 01/16

January 16th, 2009
WordPress Plugins

New Plugins

No Update

Got a version of a plugin that you want to stick with? Don’t want to upgrade? Want to kill that upgrade nag on the plugins page? “No Update” is for you.

wpNSC (Not Short Code)

Allows shortcodes to be escaped. Very useful for plugin authors who need to write documentation for their plugin on their blog.

o-x Badge

Help your readers to reduce your posts links sizes. It’s like TinyUrl with stats.

AWeber Integration

This plugin provides a simple way to add one or more AWeber to your sidebar and optionally enable AWeber email web analytics for your website.

Page SEO

Display Google Pagerank of each page of your blog in one page.

Limit Login Attempts

Limit rate of login attempts, including by way of cookies, for each IP.

Stack Overflow “GamerTag” Style Reputation Widget

XBox Live “GameTag” style widget for displaying your Stack Overflow rep.

Easy Multiple Pages

This plugins adds an button in the post editor that allows you to easily split post by pages and also adds link to pages in the post automaticly.


A simple plugin that allows you to create a number of glossaries to add terms to.

WP DB Optimizer

Optimize your WordPress database tables with one click.

Updated Plugins

Maintenance Mode

This plugin adds a splash page to your blog that lets visitors know your blog is down for maintenance. Logged in administrators get full access to the blog including the front-end.

Download Counter

Since WordPress does offer attaching downloads to posts and pages, but does not keep track of statistical information about these downloads, I wrote this plugin. This plugin will keep track of the amount of downloads for specific files. It will also store the last time the file was downloaded. You can use tags to add the download url or download count to any page or post.

Antispam Bee

Protects your blog from spam by replacing the comment field. It’s easy to use and extremely effective.

Mailto Staff

Multi-author blogs: Plugin generates mailto links on the dashboard referring to all user groups of the blog. Quite handy way of internal staff communication.

Thread Twitter

Thread Twitter fetch your tweets and display them in thread style.

Tui’s Category Intro For Archive

This plugin has been written to insert a category introduction to each archive, based on its category title and description.

Tui’s Category Intro For Post

This plugin has been written to insert a category introduction to each post, based on its main category and that categories description.


Adds the “paginator3000″ paging navigation to your WordPress blog.

Collapsing Categories

This plugin uses JavaScript to dynamically expand or collapsible the set of posts for each category.

Collapsing Archives

This plugin uses Javascript to dynamically expand or collaps the set of months for each year and posts for each month in the archive listing.

Private Files

Private Files makes sure only logged in users can see images and file attachments.

Visual Code Editor

Visual Code Editor modifies WordPress’s behavior so that code format is preserved when using the visual editor.

Jabber Feed

This plugin feeds Jabber server pubsub nodes when new posts are published on WordPress and comments are added.




  1. Keith (7 comments.) says:

    For those of you interested in using the WordPress visual editor and being able to post code snippets you should definitely take a look at the Visual Code Editor plugin. You can combine this plugin with the Syntax Highlighter Plus plugin to create the results shown on my website (all while utilizing the standard WordPress visual editor). An example of the output from these plugins is shown here: http://www.doubleblackdesign.c.....ress-loop/

  2. Jeff (27 comments.) says:

    Page SEO works as advertised, but does place a backlink somewhere (everywhere?) on your blog by default.

  3. ovidiu says:

    anyone understood what so great about Easy Multiple Pages? to me it sounds just like the default pagination of wordpress !?

    • Easy Multiple Pages has homecall inside (1 comments.) says:

      Easy Multiple Pages has homecall inside….
      and some stuff is not translated into english…

    • gestroud says:

      Some themes I’ve used can’t handle pagination in posts.

  4. Scott Farley (1 comments.) says:

    I think the benefit of the multiple pages plugin is that is adds a button that lets you insert the break whereever you want it to be.

    Its the Visual Code Editor that is the real ‘must’ on that list for me though.

  5. CrazyTaxi says:

    Well, the Easy Multiple Pages plugin would actually be something I could use, because I have posts (as opposed to pages) which I would like divided up into serial screens with navigation buttons.

    However, the plugin once activated creates no such button in the post editor as advertised. Moreover, the “plugin homepage” is in “maintenance mode” and the “author homepage” produces a 404 not found.

    So I have absolutely no idea why the plugin is even included here, unless someone did not research it before posting it.


  1. […] downloads in two days… not bad. Also, today the plugin appeared in Weblog Tools Collection(link). I hope this plugin is usefull for you guys. Thanks for using it. Nici un post […]

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