The Best and Worst Times to Post

May 2nd, 2008
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Want That Post to Go Popular? Here’s The Best and Worst Times to Post It He determined the best days and times for a blog post to be submitted to those sites if its author wants it to receive the maximum number of votes, comments and inbound links. Interesting data and tabulation of said data to determine what is the best and worst time to publish a post. Data is derived from various information collected through aideRSS. I will not steal the original authors’ thunder by posting the answer here but I agree with the numbers for blogs which have a primarily US reader base. If your audience is from across the world (as on this blog), this might not be as relevant.




  1. Dave Starr (4 comments.) says:

    I think it is short sighted to only look at US times for posting … if one doesn’t have a substantial readership from overseas, why not?

    I notice 3 main activity times on my blogs …starty of business in London, eastern USA and Australia … I aim new posts at one or more of these time slots. has agreat tool (called a meeting planner) that make sit easy to visualize ‘common’ times for different world time zones. The rest of world market is gettig bigger every day so I think US-oriented bloggers ignore it at their peril.

  2. chuckles says:


    I will have to agree in part with your comment and disagree in part. From my experience I find that I receive the most traffic when I post between Thursday through Sunday with the lowest being on Wednesday. The one area I did notice you did not mention is the subject of the topic. I would have to wonder if a part of your results were influenced by the subject matter and since this is an election year if a part of the results were not skewed by those who are political bloggers? It would be interesting to know the results by topic and how much, if any, the results were skewed by this being an election year.

  3. Chris S. (1 comments.) says:

    Well the figures are saying it is so,I know I will start doing this.
    Anything that will give you alittle more of an edge is worth trying.

  4. Megapixels (12 comments.) says:

    It’s not actually the time the post is written, but the best time to submit your post to other services like Digg. The article said “It’s tracking the time that the post is submitted to the news site – not when it was necessarily posted on the blog.” Maybe a picky distinction, but if your going to use this info, it’s something you need to consider.

  5. DavidTan (4 comments.) says:

    Pretty interesting.

  6. Jason (75 comments.) says:

    It’s a shame we can’t schedule postings to Digg, Reddit and most of the larger social media sites. Living in Japan, there’s just no way I could take advantage of this information unless I either give up work, or sleep.

    Though I can live without one, I cannot live without both :P

  7. Joseph (2 comments.) says:

    Right… and if you have a blog like mine which has no reader base, post at any damn time of the day. :D


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