WordPress Plugin Releases for 1/15

January 15th, 2007
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PhotoQ is a WordPress plugin that makes your (or at least my) photoblogging life easier. It is most suited for “one photo a day”-style web pages i.e., classical photoblogs. In essence, PhotoQ allows you to manage your future posts in a queue. The plugin then gives you the possibility to have the top of the queue automatically posted at a given interval. PhotoQ also takes away the hassle of browsing uploaded image files and embedding them into posts: You simply upload your photo to the queue and enter desired information about the photo. PhotoQ then automatically generates the post based on this information.

A Registration Blacklist allows the banning use of specific email addresses and domains from user registration.

Reddit Button is a WordPress plugin that displays a reddit button in your posts. Includes the ability to autodetect if the post is submitted.

Keyword Generator will scan your pages and find keywords that are used a lot on that particular page. It will then place them in the title tag. You can easily modify to place in your meta data as well.

Get Random Post returns a set of random links to your posts. The posttitle will be used to display the link. You can specify leading and trailing tags and the number of posts to return.

Move Comments is a little plugin that will move one or more comments from a post or page to another. You won’t need it often, but when you do, it will save you a bunch of times and nerves.

The NikePlus plugin for WordPress is a great way to display to the world how you’re doing at your workouts. It uses Nike’s public API (the same one used for the official Nike widgets) to retrieve your personal data and formats it to display correctly on your WordPress blog.




  1. Mark (2 comments.) says:

    Hey, I just released a plugin today that you might want to list: Nike+ Stats (there’s another version floating around, but it’s not working anymore).
    It gets your running statistics from the Nike+ website and displays them on your wordpress sidebar.
    Here’s the url:

  2. Voodoochilli (2 comments.) says:

    Thanks to the link to my plugin!



  3. Ajay (72 comments.) says:

    @Mark, linked

    @Voodoochilli, you’re welcome :)

  4. Mark (2 comments.) says:

    Thanks, Ajay!

  5. Voodoochilli (2 comments.) says:

    Just to let you know I have updated the keyword plugin, its much improved.

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