WordPress Theme Release for 4/16


Two Column Themes

Inverted Headline


Inverted Headline is a dark theme with white and gray text. The theme has 4 widgetized areas in the sidebars which you can customize.

Three Column Themes

Multiplayer Tech Blog


Multiplayer Tech Blog is a three column WordPress theme for technology blogs with blue and yellow colors. The sidebar is placed at each side of the content.

MilaMira – Two authors blog


MilaMira is a unique concept in a theme where the theme allows users to show separate sections for different authors. The theme is targeted at blogs which have two authors. Please read the customization options to set up the theme to show content from different authors. You can setup one author to use the left side of the page and the second one to use the right side of the page.

Ad Clerum 3.0


Ad Clerum is a three column theme which includes a redesign from the original Ad Clerum theme, three levels of drop down navigation and a new posting feature where you can post in two different sections of the right sidebar.

Missing Kids


Missing Kids is a charitable theme released in collaboration with The Prevent Deliquency Project. The theme displays a flashing banner that updates from National Center for Missing and Exploited Kids.




  1. hollowex (3 comments.) says:

    the missing kid theme banner would be great as a plugin.

  2. Daniel Condurachi (9 comments.) says:

    From all those themes I really like Inverted Headline

  3. Throx (7 comments.) says:

    I personally like the Inverted Headline, very clean and sleek.

  4. Ted says:

    Can you please point me to some help for selecting and changing my theme? Thanks, TEd

  5. Leland (16 comments.) says:

    Daniel and Throx, glad you like it. =)

    Ted…there is some documentation here:

  6. R. Richard Hobbs says:

    inverted headline gets my vote

  7. jessie (2 comments.) says:

    the multiplayer tech blog theme looks cool. i just checked it out and tried it in my test site.


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