WordPress Plugin Releases for 12/8

December 8th, 2007
WordPress Plugins

FeedEntryHeader allows you to add a copyright statement and a link to the original article, to the top of your feed entries.

Latest Post Category allows you to display the latest entries created in each category of your blog.

Opt-In uses a form to collect email addresses from users for the sake of sending mass mailings.

Pipholic Latest Edited Widget lets you easily display which entries you’ve edited recently.

Tags Autolink automatically turns every tag name, when used in posts and pages, into a link the to the same tag archive.

Theme Test Drive lets you test out a theme while your users view only the default theme.

Voice Comments lets your readers record voice comments on your blog.




  1. bubazoo (213 comments.) says:

    not real sure if I like the idea of users having to sign up for a separate service to leave a voice comment. I can see most users just not bothering. Half the time, I can’t get people to register for a wordpress account on my own blog, much of less a separate service. Most people say, if they have to register at all to comment, that they just won’t comment at all. I pretty much agree with that, so I don’t like that idea too much.

  2. Ilias (4 comments.) says:

    I agree with you… but I would like to have audio comments.. Especially for people that make podcasts I think is really useful.

  3. Nestor (1 comments.) says:

    Audio comments sounds interesting but I’ll wait until there’s an on-site solution, I dislike using 3rd party stuff on my sites

  4. AngelArs says:

    While audio comments may sound (pun intended) like a good idea, I think those that use it will soon see that it’s not worth the grief that it brings along. Every 13 year old and troll is going to use it as a toy to swear and play games in, and that’s not the kind of people that you want to be attracting to your site.

  5. Jeffro2pt0 (164 comments.) says:

    The FeedEntryHeader plugin is one of those plugins that I think everyone who takes blogging seriously should install. Scraping is a huge problem and Stephen, the creator of that plugin has given WordPress bloggers one more opportunity to fight them back with.

    Also wanted to note that the theme test drive plugin looks interesting. This is one of those major features missing from the core of WordPress. There is no reason why I should have to edit a live theme only because I can’t view a preview of it any other way.

  6. Mark (1 comments.) says:

    Audio comments? Oh man, no way; not without a login that is at least somewhat difficult. Quite frankly, this is another example of trying to make the web what it is not by mixing different mediums that don’t really work together.

  7. Tadd (89 comments.) says:

    Some pretty slick plugins here – I like. Especially for those who are really trying to unlock the potential of WordPress.

    Though I have to agree with the general consensus on the audio comments. When they’re housed locally and not via a 3rd party I’ll be happier. Less fingers in my sites the better.

    However, I can see the benefit – less storage necessary. Imagine if you have a fairly popular topic and your little site goes from 1-2 text comments to 50 – 60 audio comments … that could be a massive hit for someone.

    Eh, that’s definately not me though!

  8. Derek Coward (1 comments.) says:

    I tried the audio comment plug in, but once I found out there was no why to delete the comments, I was more than a little skeptical. Then I went to the company site and browsed through some of the audio comments. When I got to the one where it sounded like some guy pleasuring himself, I thought “This might not be such a good idea after all.”

  9. computer music man (1 comments.) says:

    I think audio comments are a great idea as long as it only takes a click of the mouse to listen to them and spam is well moderated to prevent alot of useless info or people justt wanting to hear there own voice on the net

  10. shankar says:

    theme test drive and voice comment are things which i really liked!!

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