WordPress Plugin Releases for 11/27

November 27th, 2007
WordPress Plugins

aStickyPostOrderER allows you to re-arrange the order that WordPress displays posts.

ClickQuote will wrap selected text in appropriate tags and insert it into your comment reply box.

Limosin Status Line displays a line of text at the top of your blog page.

PowerBlogroll allows you to display a blogroll with name and favicon.

Simple Feed Copyright will add a simple copyright notice at end of full text articles in your feed.




  1. André SC (3 comments.) says:

    Thanx for mentioning aStickyPostOrderER!

  2. Sergio (11 comments.) says:

    great plugins in this entry, thanks!!!

  3. Guilherme Zühlke O'Connor (1 comments.) says:

    Thanks for mentioning the Powerblogroll plugin!

  4. Chuck (6 comments.) says:

    aStickyPostOrderER allows you to re-arrange the order that WordPress displays posts.

    Tried it. Got an big time error at the top of my screen.

    That Plug in is EVIL! Evil I say!

    nice idea… needs to be implemented differently.


  5. Andre SC (1 comments.) says:

    Hi Chuck
    Most users seem very happy with it, as for its morality – well I’d rather not comment on that just yet :-). Please could you let me know what the error was you got and which version you were using? -Earlier versions didn’t support non-default database prefixes, it does now – if that’s what it was. Please mail me at, and if needs be I’ll even implement it differently :-)

  6. Chuck (2 comments.) says:

    Please, disregard previous posting. I didn’t have a subdirectory name properly… and the plug-in didn’t like that. So, I tried it again and this time, no error.

    Only one thing people should know about it. If you’re a blogger that uses many tags… (like me) You will find yourself quite confused. (like I was…at first)

    I’m sure that this Plug-in is great, But it could be implemented differently. Not sure how… But some way to make less confusing for people like me.

    just an FYI…

    It DOES work… you just to MAKE SURE you name your sub-directory off of Plug-in properly, else you will get error.

  7. André SC (3 comments.) says:

    Thanx for that Chuck, I’ll probably add options in future versions allowing users to control what functionality they see.

    André (puts voodoo doll back in drawer)

  8. David Mihm (1 comments.) says:

    aStickyPostOrderER has worked great for me so far. I installed it last week on a client’s site & haven’t run into any troubles…a desperately-needed feature for WP & one that works very well, in my experience.

  9. Free Self Improvement (1 comments.) says:

    ah, a feed coyright, nice.

  10. Andre SC (3 comments.) says:

    After a bit of digging I did find and Fix some MySQL flaws that would have affected blogs that had been upgraded from older versions of WordPress. I think we’re pretty stable now.

  11. Jim K says:

    I’ve been trying to go to the link for ‘Limosin Status Line’ but keep getting redirected to other sites. Anyone else have this problem or is it at my end?

  12. Ingo Vogelmann (1 comments.) says:

    Limosin Status Line page contains a trojan horse, my antivirus software tells me.

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