WordPress Plugin Releases for 02/04

February 4th, 2009
WordPress Plugins

New Plugins

Simply Show IDs

Simply shows the ID of Posts, Pages, Media and Links in the admin tables for easy access.

Google Website Optimizer for WordPress

This simple plugin lets you optimize your landing pages (as posts or pages) using the Google Website Optimizer without needing to edit the HTML code of the theme. Page not in English.

Mass Format Conversion

Applies all content filters to posts and comments and saves them back to the database. This is useful if you have been using Textile or Markdown (for example) and you want to switch to plain HTML.

WP Background Tile

The WP Background Tile Plugin for WordPress applies a tiled background image to your blog.  It is as simple as this:

TNG WordPress Integration

Integrates TNG (The Next Generation) genealogy software into WordPress.

Contextual revenue plugin by Advtise

Insert Partner revenue code in to your posts on the fly and start earning revenue.


Allows you to display images from your public PicasaWeb albums on your blog.


The DaySwitcher plugin let you choose a schedule for displaying a WordPress theme.

Random Tumblr

Sidebar widget which displays one photo from your tumblr entries randomly.


This is just a plugin to manage your post geotags and optionaly to display maps in your posts.

Feedburner Text Count

Feedburner Text Counter is show your Feedburner Subscribers Count like text based.

XMPP sender

XMPP sender allows to send (and receive) notifications about new comments in blog.

Updated Plugins

Feed Reading Blogroll

The plugin checks and displays the freshness of all your blogroll-bookmarks in various ways. You only need to save an extra feed-url for each bookmark to get this to work.

Maintenance Mode

This plugin adds a splash page to your blog that lets visitors know your blog is down for maintenance. Logged in administrators get full access to the blog including the front-end.

Link Indication

Link Indication is a WordPress 2.7 compatible plugin that applies css class attributes to the links (anchor tags) in your posts, pages, and optionally in your comments.

WP Greet Box

Display a different greeting message to your visitor depending on which site they are coming from. Please re-activate after every upgrade to be safe.

Stray Random Quotes

Display random quotes everywhere on your blog. Easy to custom and manage.

Referrer Detector

Helps your blog detect where the user comes from and automatically displays the corresponding greetings.

Script Compressor

This plugin compresses JavaScript files and CSS files.


Pods is a CMS (Content Management System) plugin for WordPress.




  1. Chung Bey Luen (14 comments.) says:

    Personally I’m more interested in Google Website Optimizer for WordPress, will try to test it in my blog. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hikari (79 comments.) says:

    Maintence Mode now suppots a 503.php page in our themes to show customized maintence message, cool!

  3. Austin Graffiti (1 comments.) says:

    I think the greetbox plugin could be useful for twitter or facebook landing pages. I’m gonna give it a go.

  4. Stuart (1 comments.) says:

    I released one too on this same day, looks like it missed the cut for some reason.

    The plugin is “CMF Ads Widget” and basically allows bloggers to easily add the CMF Advertising Widget (affordable advertising network) to their wordpress blog.

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