WordPress Plugin Releases for 8/23

August 23rd, 2007
WordPress Plugins

Addpile allows your visitors to submit your blog posts to

AdKit24 is a small and user-friendly plugin to create your own adbar for your WordPress weblog.

Ajah Comments caps the number of comments shown on any post to 50, which makes the post load much faster.

Author TinyMCE enhances the author description field with the TinyMCE Editor.

Batch Validator uses the Markup Validator Web Service API.

Contact Widget adds a contact form to your sidebar.

Disk Usage gives you an overview on which files and directories are using up your webspace.

Google Maps Quicktag makes it convenient to open the Google Maps web site while editing, where you can generate your map and copy the needed code to paste into the editor.

WP-Guestmap maps visitors with Google Map.

Live WordPress lets you keep track of what your readers are doing on your blog in real-time.

Meta Robots prevents indexing of your search result pages, your feeds, and adds noodp and noydir tags.

Moolet Ploplet gives you a more dynamic sidebar.

Optimize-DB allows you to clean up your WordPress databases.

Photomapper allows you to manage points on Google Maps and associate photos then attach these map ‘albums’ to your posts and pages.

Russian Search expands opportunities of search by using russian morphology method. (English download)

Viddler provides a filter for WordPress that displays videos from




  1. shank says:

    Batch Validator is a nice one. We have a review at “WordPress Plugins Episode Eins”

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