Two Amazing WordPress Plugins

August 21st, 2007
WordPress Plugins

WordPress as a resource and the talent and innovation of the people behind WordPress continues to amaze me even to this day. The two plugins I would like to feature today have been written out of necessity. One of them is far reaching with a large amount of resources behind it while the other is simpler, itch and scratch software. However, they are both very innovative, quite useful and made me go Hmmmmmm. Incidentally, Matt celebrated the second birthday of the inception of yesterday. Congratulations to him and his talented team for the phenomenal growth of their service and a sincere thanks for their work.

The first plugin comes from Brian McConnell of Worldwide Lexicon. WWL is an open source project that creates collaborative translation tools for websites. WWL enables a website’s readers to translate posts (and edit/score translations) to any of the languages they speak. This is a simple and effective way to make blogs multilingual because any site with any audience will have bilingual readers, often without knowing it. They have developed a WordPress plugin for the Worldwide Lexicon Project that is in beta. They will also be releasing various other interfaces for the project including a Firefox extension and a PHP library. The project is ambitious and will benefit every webpage that has a multi-lingual readership such as this blog. Check out the implementation on the homepage of WWL. You might see this plugin in action on this blog in the future.

The second plugin comes from John TP and it is called WordPress Comment Moderation Notifier. It consists of a plugin and a Windows system tray application much like (and based on) the open source Google Reader Notifier application. This application sits in your system tray and uses WordPress’ XML-RPC API to notify you of new comments awaiting moderation on your blog. I like elegant and innovative solutions to common problems and this is as elegant as it gets. If you are worried that you do not get comment moderation notices in your email due to your spam filter or otherwise, this might be the ticket for you. First noticed on ProBlogger.




  1. Dean (4 comments.) says:

    Those interested in the second plugin mentioned above may also be interested in a plugin called modMunch which I released a couple of months back. It simply gives you an RSS feed to subscribe to instead of receiving bucket loads of email notifications. You can find more info on modMunch here:

  2. Steve (3 comments.) says:

    Mark, thanks for pointing these plugins out. I will give them a try on my site

    I thought 90% of my readers would be from the US but it turns less than 50% are. The rest are from all over the world. Big surprise to me and probably the same for a lot of other sites.

    @Dean, thanks for pointing modMunch out, I love RSS for feeding/updating my sites. I will try this also.

    Thanks Again,

  3. Chris (2 comments.) says:

    The first plugin is a great concept, but it relies too heavily on the honesty of others. I can’t escape the thought that, for example, someone could “translate” a page into a page of foreign abuse / obscenities / adverts, and the blog owner wouldnt have a clue!

    Trackback was a great idea, but the trust needed was too much and left it far too open to abuse. Hopefully WWL will find a way around creating a similar situation.

  4. Sergio (11 comments.) says:

    somo of the readers of my blog have the same problem (Steve) so ill check that plug, cheers master!

  5. Anirudh (4 comments.) says:

    If the guy who wrote the moderation notifier opens up the protocol, you can write a dbus script in python to notify in linux.

  6. Exersauce (1 comments.) says:

    Nice add in, the second one I mean. It may be useful in a lot of situations, to always see what you receive as comments.

  7. subcorpus (3 comments.) says:

    am gonna check out the second one …
    that might be useful ….
    with all those junk emails and junk folders i have setup …
    hehe …
    thanks for sharing …
    appreciated …


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