WordPress Theme Releases for 8/3


Dot Dot Dot is a 3-column, minimal theme.

Envy is a blue, two-column, widget-ready, WordPress theme with overlapping tab menus and rounded corners.

Fadtastic is a 3-column, SEO-optimal theme designed for fluid width flexibility.




  1. milo (3 comments.) says:

    Offtopic but important:
    Derek wrote a warning post, I’ve done it at the WP forum,
    might be helpful for some users if you list this templatebrowser issue too?

  2. Justin Smith (4 comments.) says:

    @Milo: It looks like the entire templatebrowser site has been removed. Hopefully it stays that way.

  3. Bob (5 comments.) says:

    Templatesbrowser still online.

  4. milo says:

    Via linkvendor: about 200 sites using their phishing themes.

  5. Ozh (88 comments.) says:

    I like how every theme claims to be “SEO optimized” but not a single one actually explains or demonstrate how optimized they’re supposed to be.

    I bet next cool word for themes will be, say, scalable. How does that sound? “XXX is a scalable and SEO optimized theme”. Yeah, sounds neat!

  6. Michael (19 comments.) says:

    Could you send an e-mail to the author of the dot dot dot theme, at, and ask them to turn the server back on. The site has been unavailable for several days now, and we can’t see his / her wonderful work!

  7. Andrew Faulkner (1 comments.) says:


    It’s not a buzzword. The theme was thought through in detail when building it.

    The Fadtastic theme is very SEO friendly due to optimised h1 tags, title tags and link title attributes. It is also coded very cleanly meaning that search engines will find a lot of content to code.

    We ran the theme for 8 months or so and it provided us with thousands of referals from search engines. I know this isn’t all down to the theme, but it helps.

    If you need to know more on the SEO of the theme, simply get in touch.



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