WordPress Theme Releases for 6/15


I’m pleased to be joining the contributing staff here. My name is Jim Stitzel, and I’ve been a blogger for nearly four years. I cut my blogging teeth in the Xanga community before discovering a much larger blogging community when I “accidentally” ran the auto-installation for something called WordPress on my hosted site. It was the best mistake I’ve ever made. Since then, my own website has undergone several iterations and now runs almost entirely on WordPress.

I’m a self-taught coding geek who’s proficient in HTML/CSS and is learning more and more about PHP everyday. I’m a writer by passion (who hopes to one day make a living doing so), but I work as a data analyst at Purdue University in order to pay the bills. I’m an avid Halo/Halo 2 fan and a loyal member of the TTL Gunslingers, where I head up the management of the news portal (which is also built on WordPress).

I’m excited about the opportunity to contribute here, as well, and hope to add more to this growing community that I’ve come to love and respect.


BlueMeanie is a 2-column theme with a clean and simple look. There is an ‘About’ and ‘Recent Posts’ space at the top with standard sidebar modules on the right.

CypherFS Royale is a 2-column built in shades of blue.

Fastway is a 3-column, widget-ready theme built in red and grey and surrounded by lots of whitespace.

Photopress is a single-column theme that’s designed with photobloggers in mind who want to focus on the pictures, not the sidebar. It is ideal for pictures that are 640px wide.

Red Horizon is a 2-column, widget-ready theme with an unconventional-looking header.

Nobus is a 3 column, widget-ready, web 2.0 wordpress theme with good usage of bold type and glossy effect. (Contains sponsored links.)

Superbold is a 2-column, widget-ready, funky-looking Chinatown theme. Also check out Logistix 3C, an orange, 3-column, widget-ready, professional-looking theme. Logistix 3C supports adsense. (Both contain sponsored links.)

WP-Subdued is a 2-column theme ported for WordPress from the Subdued web template released by Free CSS Templates. (Contains sponsored links.)




  1. jayne d'Arcy (9 comments.) says:

    Welcome, Jim! I check Weblog Tools everyday, so you’re in fine company.

  2. G says:

    Jay Kwong has released PolarLight v2.0a based on K2 –

  3. Matt Keegan (5 comments.) says:

    Love all of the new themes, especially those that have three columns and easy ad placement. Nice to see so many folks putting their effort into improving the theme arena.

  4. Michael (19 comments.) says:

    Welcome to you. Jim
    These theme reviews are highly useful.
    Keep it up!

  5. trench (30 comments.) says:

    WP-Subdued theme is nice.

  6. richie k (2 comments.) says:

    Welcome Jim and thanks for featuring the nobus theme..

    fastway looks great..always fond of left and right sidebar :D

  7. Sadish (7 comments.) says:

    Welcome Jim. please see if you can feature my theme seashore found at

  8. libretto (19 comments.) says:

    Pour ceux que ça intéresse, j’ai traduit Blue Meanie en français :


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