WordPress Theme Releases for 6/13


Bruce is a three column fluid layout theme that is widget ready with multiple columns at the front page. There is also a cross fader built in. Row is a also a three column fluid layout theme in the magazine style with two mini loops displaying two separate categories. Both themes are artsy and designed by Milo.

Dimension is a two column, somewhat two dimensional theme for WordPress designed in gray and black.

Lovecraft is a three column, blocky simple, colorful and widget ready theme for WordPress. It is Garry’s first theme.

Ministry is a two column, wide, clean and clear theme for WordPress in shades of lighter blue. The design reminds me of some Drupal themes.

Gathering has been updated from the inside out. Now it is a modern, subdued theme with two columns, a fixed width, sidebar widgets ready, and will work with WordPress 2.0 and above.

Stockholm is a three column, widget ready theme for WordPress with rounded edges and a very interesting set of header and footer pictures. The screenshot does not do it justice, you have to check out the demo to get the full effect.

Suhweet 1.0, Simplicity 1.0 and Hottie 1.0 are three themes from Solostream. I really, really like Suhweet. Simplicity looks like a modification of Suhweet and Hottie is a two column version. Suhweet has recent and featured articles built in and there is a lot going on in the theme. They all look quite professional. All three have ad spaces built in.

PDawn is a widget ready, two column, simple and usable theme for WordPress with a black outer background and a light reading area.

Harmony is a 2 column, fixed width, widget ready, earthy and brown coloured theme, with a flower header image. It requires Dunstan-like error pages and has been optimised for UTW plugins and Share This.

FourWPTP is a four column, somewhat busy theme for WordPress that is designed on red and gary. It is widget ready. (Contains Sponsored Links)

Natura is a flowery, dark purple with green edge theme for WordPress. The header and the edges give it a nice appeal. Also check out Felix from the same author. (Contains lots of Sponsored Links)

NoMorals is a two column, simplistic theme built on red and gray. (Contains lots of Sponsored Links)

YGO Assorted is a three column, green clean theme for WordPress that looks fresh. (Contains lots of Sponsored Links)

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  1. Mosey says:

    The Suhweet series DOES rock! :D Thanks so much for the recommendation!

  2. Roberta (1 comments.) says:

    I really like Suhweet, very nice, clean, news-like, and all around just well put together.

  3. Michael Pollock (1 comments.) says:

    Hey Mark:

    Thanks for the link and the kind words. And thanks to Roberta and Mosey for the votes of approval.

    Best – Michael Pollock

  4. guido_cc (1 comments.) says:

    Solostream made only greats themes :D

  5. Mubin (1 comments.) says:

    Are you still interested in getting someone to blog about new theme releases?

  6. trench (30 comments.) says:

    Suhweet theme is great. very professional.

  7. sammy says:

    Can someone tell us how to add an image on the right column? The same place the MingleFox ad is?

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