WordPress Plugin Releases for 3/05

March 5th, 2007
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No Directory adds NOODP and NOYDIR meta tags to the header of your theme to force the search engines to use your own description and title for your site, instead of the one that is in DMOZ or the Yahoo directory.

Selig-Stats provides you with a number of filters that can be used directly within your posts / pages in order to display some statistics like post count, comment count etc.

Technorati Rank utilizes the Technorati API to display your blog information (Rank, Links, Blogs Linking) and an Add to Favorites all in simple display.

CodeHighlighter uses GeSHi to highlight syntax for source code.

Book Cover displays the book cover image from ISBN.

WordPress AdSense Deluxe+ Widget is a widgetized version of AdSense Deluxe+ Plugin

Attach Links is a Word Press plugin that allows you to attach one or more external links to each post. They will be shown in a list when calling the function al_display().

TellAFriendPost allows the user to forward the post to there friend.

PromotePost allows the user to Extend the post reach by forwarding it to the 45 sites including, Digg, Flurl, Techorati.

DoubleClick Meaning allows you to doubleclick on a word to know its definition / meaning.

ScaleImage scales images in the post using a slider.




  1. Mikhail (2 comments.) says:

    Beware about Webvirtue’s Plugins.

    They put a humble line: “This WordPress plugin has been tested with WordPress 2.0.5″

    Guess what?

    After TellAFriendPost and PromotePost were installed in WP 2.1.2 all buttons in Visual Editor had disappeared.
    I was forced to delete those plugins.

  2. Darren (16 comments.) says:

    Did you let the plugin author know so that they could address the issue?

  3. Mikhail (2 comments.) says:

    I didn’t contact them.

    They are commercial as well as outsourcing guys and threw open a package of plugins for old WP versions at once.

    Some viral marketing, I guess :)

  4. Andy says:

    I installed the Webvirtue Doubleclick Meaning plugin which is great stuff. Using “The Free Dictionary” on its own, there are no ads. So when I use it through the plugin, where do the ads come from?

  5. Doug Karr (1 comments.) says:

    Thanks so much for the mention! Technorati Rank Version 1.0.9 is ready with some better HTML Validation. As well, I’m working on expanding this with some display options. The tough part of this plugin was ensuring it cached properly so it didn’t burn up Technorati’s API. :)

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