WordPress Plugin Releases for 3/24

March 24th, 2007
WordPress, WordPress Plugins

Subscribe-Remind will automatically place text at the end of each of your posts inviting your readers to subscribe to your RSS feed.

Comments Waiting Count is a simple plugin that adds the current number of comments in the moderation queue to the WordPress 2.1 admin menu. It will also display the number comments that have been flagged as spam if your using an anti-spam plugin.

Folding@Home Stats is a WordPress plugin that displays your total score, overall rank, number of processes completed in the last 50 days.

Fuzzy Colorpicker adds a color picker to your post pages. This lets you choose the color of your text at will.

wp-page-linker is a WordPress plugin that allows the insertion of links to internal pages while writing a page or a post.

EasyTube allows you to easily embed a youtube player into your website but one simple tag.




  1. Dave (16 comments.) says:

    I installed the Subscribe-Remind and wp-page-linker plugins quite easily this morning, and I think both are simple and very useful for me and my readers! Thanks!

  2. Brendan (1 comments.) says:

    I have to tell you, I look forward to your posts on WordPress Widgets everyday. My site less than 6 months old and I’m constantly looking for ways to improve it. Your daily posting on WordPress Widgets have been terrific.

    Thanks for doing it and keep up the great work!

  3. Adam Reimer (1 comments.) says:

    do you know if wp-page-linker is compatible with any versions below 2.1?

  4. David (1 comments.) says:

    Your posts have made it so easy for me to improve my site and keep it as up to date as possible. Keep up the good work.

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