WordPress Plugin Releases for 2/17

February 17th, 2007
WordPress, WordPress Plugins

IP City Cluster generates a geographical cluster map based on where from people access you website. It requires a statistics database (or logfile) that keeps track of the IP.

wp-Table is a simple table manager for WordPress , you can import a excel table via the CSV import.

Litebox Plugin incorporates Litebox to display both single images and galleries in your posts.

authUI, a productivity plugin, provides a function that can be placed anywhere in a template to display a toolbar consisting of a log-in form, and links to creating new posts and pages.

Random Image displays images from Desktop Exchange in your sidebar.

WP Contact Form – Part III is another mod of Ryan‘s WP-Contact Form and Douglas‘ mod. It now includes custom Subject support.

Head Meta allows you to add your own meta data or javascript to the meta section of your blog without editting your template files.




  1. Doug Karr (5 comments.) says:

    Thanks for the mention! part 3 is really nice!

    Psst: I just released another little plugin to add content before or after your feed content. I’m using it for commission junction advertisements in my feed.

  2. Ajay (209 comments.) says:

    Doug, You’re welcome … and you’re going to have to give me a link to your plugin so that I can post it.

    Head over to our News section for double mentions.
    Don’t tell anyone I told you this ;)

  3. Ashish Mohta (14 comments.) says:

    Ajay the contact for is not working on my blog.There is something wrong with the syntax i THink….if you tell the exact syntax it will be good

  4. Ashish Mohta (14 comments.) says:

    works now…thx

  5. Ajay (209 comments.) says:

    I didn’t do anything ;)

  6. Ashish Mohta (19 comments.) says:

    ajay can u explain me abt the tools ur using to make wordpress load faster, i mean the blog.I read some on your blog.Can u email me

  7. Ajay (209 comments.) says:

    Hi Ashish, I’ll make a post about this on my blog in a day or two.. don’t want to clutter the comments here.

  8. Morgan Ramsay (1 comments.) says:

    Thanks for the mention, too! My plugin, authUI, certainly isn’t as complex the other plugins listed, but I’ve found it useful.

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