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February 10th, 2007
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Auto WordPress Upgrade will upgrade your WordPress blog to the latest trunk version and sends a detailed email for the same. This is meant only for those who want to run the bleeding edge code and not for regular users.




  1. Jonathan (81 comments.) says:

    Does it work by Subversion? If so, there’s a Subversion repository for the latest stable release. Could be easily modified to point to that.

  2. Aaron Brazell (14 comments.) says:

    The latest stable branch is 2.1 and there is code from 2.1 that is going to bee 2.1.1 that isn’t in the supported release.

    The SVN repository for 2.1 is

    Revision on stable is 4784. The revision on the current 2.1 branch is 4872. The script upgrades to trunk.

  3. Russ (1 comments.) says:

    Like your php script. Was working on pretty much this same setup using a shell script to my development box, and then rsyncing the changes to the web server. I like your use of the mail() to let me know what’s changed.

    I did add a wget( site./wp-admin/upgrade.php?step=1 ) at the end, though :)

  4. Joe (13 comments.) says:

    If you go to the, Brian has made a great WordPress upgrade script that lets you upgrade multiple WordPress blogs to the latest stable version in less then a minute.

  5. Aaron Brazell (14 comments.) says:

    This isn’t stable version upgrading, Joe.

  6. Aaron Brazell (14 comments.) says:

    Sorry, my SVN url was missing a part. :)

  7. James Skemp (5 comments.) says:

    Re post #5: Yet, for those of us who saw your title and thought upgrade was referring to the stable version, and were sadly disappointed, Joe’s comment gives this post back some worth.

  8. Aaron Brazell (14 comments.) says:

    A “new” stable version comes out only so often. As I said on my blog (you should read it!), if you want to upgrade to stable, doing so manually is still the best option.

  9. Gaara (1 comments.) says:

    i have 5 different blogs powered by wordpress, glad i found a wordpress script addon that can help me to update my wordpress on time. thanks!

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