WordPress Theme Releases for 2/08


Tree 1.9 is a green 2 column, fixed width theme by Ekta.

Deep In Space 2 columns, black, fixed width, widget ready theme by LinksJuice

WPTP is a 2 column WordPress Theme in a white and blue color scheme.

Earthy is a 2 column WordPress theme based on a template from SimplyGold.

Hemmed is a one and two column hybrid, blue and gray version of Hemingway for WordPress that catches your eye.




  1. Matt (23 comments.) says:

    Hemmed is nice, but the rest can go :/

  2. Corinne (3 comments.) says:

    Nothing spectacular with any of these actually.

    Some variation of most have been done multiple times sadly.

  3. MrCorey (14 comments.) says:

    I ran an earlier version of Hemmed on my site for a few months. I hacked the tar out of the colors in the CSS and moved a few things around. I think that I prefer his colors to my deep red version, though. Its nice to see its still around.

  4. AJ (6 comments.) says:

    It’s funny. The WP theme developer Ekta has created a clone of the Dawn theme by Milo but only attributes the Graphics to Milo and not the theme. She claims that she created the theme herself.

  5. Ekta (1 comments.) says:

    Yes, AJ, as funny as it may sound, but you might wanna take a look at the coding for both the themes, and see if they are similarly made apart from the graphics.


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