Blogging Essay Competition Winners

February 6th, 2007
Blogging Essays

After much deliberation and tallying, here are the winners of the Blogging Essay Competition from

First Prize of $150 goes to The Private Intellectual for the essay Re-thinking Weblog Advertising.

Second Prize of $50 goes to Bes Zain for the essay Importance of Transparency in Blogging

An honorable mention goes to Ronald Huereca for the essay Things you should avoid blogging about for attracting the most attention in the competition. His entry was viewed well over 5000 times.

Congratulations to the winners.  All the entries were superb. I will email the winners seperately. Thanks to everyone for participating and for helping to rate the essays.




  1. Pi (9 comments.) says:

    A most enjoyable competition, especially when compared to others currently running elsewhere, thank you for initiating and hosting it.


  2. Bes Zain (4 comments.) says:

    Thank you Mark for having this competition. It was a good way to learn more about different topics and an excellent way to improve our writing and form of expression. Congratulations Pi, for such an excellent essay, and congratulations Ronald, for writing an amazing piece.

  3. Sreejith Ramakrishnan (3 comments.) says:

    First of all, thank you Matt, for conducting such a contest. We all learned a lot of things from it. I participated in the contest with my article “Blogging is karma” but didn’t get anything.

    Anyway, your decision is nearly perfect because “Rethinking Weblog Advertising” was really really great and the second prize winner also deserved this. Congratulations PI and Bes Zain !! :)

    I still disagree with what Ronald has written about. Its completely against what I believe (blogging is karma). But, dude, you did a good job at putting a bait for traffic. That deserves a big clap. So, kudos friends !! And, a special for you, Matt, ma’ man. :)


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  3. […] Update :- The winners for the contest has been announced. I’m not a winner though. I just love Social Media – Votes […]

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