Essay Competition Extended

December 13th, 2006
Blogging Essays, General

Since there have been only six entries in the Blogging Essay Competition and I have received numerous requests to extend the competition due to the holidays (my MBA professors are being extremely kind as well), the Essay Competition deadline will be extended.

Last date for sending in an entry to the competition is the 14th of January, 2007. If you are sending in an entry and it needs to be formatted with bullets and paragraphs, please do me a favor and copy and paste the HTML into a text file and attach it to your email.

In addition, if anyone is willing to sponsor the competition or add some money/gifts the <sarcasm> already huge pile of prizes </sarcasm>, it would be much appreciated. Just send me an email if interested.

For those interested in metrics, approximately 10,000 people have viewed the various entries in the competition and about 120 votes have been casted. Approximately 8000 people have clicked on the authors’ links and I have received a few less than 50 emails from various interested parties. I hope the deadline extension generates some more interest and will bring much more attention to the participants. Good luck and enjoy.




  1. ptvGuy (4 comments.) says:


    I sent an entry in to you on 12/10. I haven’t received any confirmation that you received it or a reason why you would choose not to use it. I’m retrying it again now from two different email addresses.

  2. claudia (3 comments.) says:

    Please let me know if you got my essay.


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