WordPress Theme Releases for 2/05


Zero is a simple one column WordPress theme.Gray Wolf is a simple yet powerful XHTML 1.0 Strict theme for WordPress with support for gravatar, wp page navi and widgets. Preview.

Nonzero Red is a new three-column, fixed width widget ready WordPress theme.

Small Potato has released Half Life, WPD Expanded, Patriotic and Signs.

Infinito is a two column, brown scheme theme for WordPress.




  1. adam (39 comments.) says:

    how much does terry pay you to keep hawking his themes? despite the fact that the theme is a rip of another theme?

  2. Matt (23 comments.) says:

    Apart from Black Hole (which was “ehhh… that’s ok I guess.”) the rest just weren’t appealing.

  3. Ajay (72 comments.) says:

    @adam, We don’t get paid to link to themes and plugins. It’s part of what this site is about.

    There are times that authors may have copied themes/plugins from other authors. Unfortunately, it isn’t possible for us to compare the thousands of themes and plugins out there to see which is a copy of which.

    Theme authors can always keep track and contact the offending party directly. They can also let us know about the same, so we can take it off the list.

  4. camelia says:

    for AKON
    Thanks because you exist. But why in your eyes is so much sad ? So much pain ? So much revolt ? GOD BLESS YOU, BECAUSE YOU DESERVE. Camelia

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