WordPress Theme Releases for 1/14


Fly is an illustrated two-column theme, blue, white and black, widget ready theme featuring a silhouetted bird.




  1. Sheila Levine (1 comments.) says:

    WordPress isn’t as liberal as Blogger when it comes to adding 3rd party functionality like (for turning your blog into a member’s only blog), etc.

  2. Rick says:

    So Sheila do you work for Sentrylogin? Because your post seems totally out of line..

  3. Ben says:

    Really Sheila – do you think that post was the least bit helpful?

  4. Jorge says:

    wow Sheila, absolutely nothing to do with themes

  5. Yuriy (1 comments.) says:

    I can not download the theme fly from the site. He did not works … Where else dowanload?

  6. RP (1 comments.) says:

    I know Sheila Levine has never used Sentrylogin, because I’ve tried for two weeks to get the program installed. It can be done, but I need to hire a webmaster to get everything done right.
    Unless Sheila spent $500 to hire a webmaster, there’s no way she uses uses sentrylogin SCAM, HUGE SCAM and time waster.

  7. Dudehead says:

    I think you should give Sheila a break. Sheesh.

    Haven’t you ever heard of moderation?

    If a comment is off topic or irrelevant then just moderate it.

    In other words don’t post it. This is like WP kindergarten. Don’t cry about an off topic comment after it gets posted.

    Plus – if it’s so bad. Just delete it. It’s like you all have WAY to much time on your hands.

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