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January 2nd, 2007
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WP Plugin: WP-Ban Ban Users By IP Or Host Name From Visiting Your WordPress Site. Quick and handy method to prevent certain users/bots from accessing your blog. I’ve been doing this using .htaccess so far.




  1. seanrox (7 comments.) says:

    Like you, I’ve also been doing this using .htaccess but this plugin sounds promising.

    However there isn’t any documentation at this point, so I wonder other then the advantage of being able to add IP’s to block via the Dashboard verses opening up the .htaccess file, does this plugin help load times, does it play nice with other blocking plugins like Bad Behavior for example and most importantly, will it play nice with the upcoming WordPress 2.0.6 and WP 2.1?

    GaMerZ is really good with his coding from what I can tell with other plugins, so I’m sure it’s fine but I would like to know more about the behind the scenes of this new plugin.

  2. GaMerZ (8 comments.) says:

    Hi Guys,

    This plugin should work independently. Regarding documentation, there is not much to write, everything is in the control panel.

  3. seanrox (7 comments.) says:

    Thanks for your reply GaMerZ. So is there any extra lag in storing the IP’s in the database verses a flat file like .htaccess?

  4. Joe (13 comments.) says:

    Ha, GaMerZ, WP-Ban is finally out. :-D

  5. GaMerZ (8 comments.) says:

    seanrox: Nope, 3 rows will be created in the wp_options table (1 for IPs, 1 for HostName and 1 for template). Thus no additional overhead incurred like extra sql qeuery and stuff. All the settings in wp_options are all loaded together.

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