Fake Comment Forms Battle Spam

February 16th, 2007
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Reduce WordPress Spam By Creating Fake Comment Forms For Spam Bots looks at a method of tricking spam bots by giving them a few fake forms before the actual final form. Regular visitors will not see these fake forms.




  1. Ben (1 comments.) says:

    seems senseless. i also could give them a blank page. or just install bad behavior.

  2. Tom Edwards (1 comments.) says:

    Why do people bother with this stuff? Akismet, Bad Behaviour, done.

  3. Moridin (4 comments.) says:

    I am prone to agree. In my opinion, creativity is of uttermost importance when creating plugins and addons, although imagination without knowledge is ignorance waiting to happen. It is about what people need, not what one can create.

  4. Walter Jeffries (1 comments.) says:

    People bother with this stuff because Bad Behavior has too many false positives. I installed it and got hundreds of reader complaints that they couldn’t access my blog so I dumped Bad Behavior after wasting time trying to get it twiddled right. Akismet has issues too.

  5. Rick Beckman (6 comments.) says:

    Walter: At least Akismet lets you weed out your own false positives; Bad Behavior doesn’t make that an easy process, in my experience.

  6. Helen (5 comments.) says:

    I recently installed Douglas Kerr’s contact form which is Ryan Duffs, modified to include an anti-spam question. So far it’s been 100% effective in blocking spam e-mails through the comment form.

  7. everton (7 comments.) says:

    BB – no comeback for false positives….

    Aksimet and SK2 do a good job of weeding out the spam but they take up lots of unnessary space in your database and cPu resource to process – wouldn’t it better to just dump confirmed spam? That’s why tips like this are useful – makes it easier to find the false positives then. On bigger blogs this is impossible to do manually e.g. at one point in dec i was getting 250 spams a min…..

    Augsuman’s new comment guard plugin has the right approach in my view, although it auto-deletes which I don’t like as it will create false positives that can’t be fixed

  8. Argumenti says:

    You can fix BB false positives by using this patch:

    It really does work.

  9. Matt Lee (1 comments.) says:

    What about accessibility? Putting more than one form and hiding with CSS seems like it would break accessibility. Not everyone uses Firefox to surf the web :)

  10. James (1 comments.) says:

    I HAVE A SOLUTION TO COMMENT SPAM! Are you ready? Here it is…

    Disable comments on your blog. Ok, seriously, I have been thinking about putting up a link to a chat room instead of comments.

  11. brendan (4 comments.) says:

    Akismet and SK2 both suffer the same fate any ‘pattern’ based learning spam engine suffers – false positives are inevitable.

    Despite the hype – Akismet isn’t perfect and quick frankly wading through 200+ spam comments (why they haven’t provided a better bulk listing mode, I’ll never know) is painful.

    I’ve been pondering using cookies to control comment posting (i.e. no cookie, no comment). That may not be friendly to those who disable all cookies – but it’s about the least obtrusive I can think of.

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