WP Plugin: MyAvatars, a Gravatar replacement

December 15th, 2006
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WP Plugin: MyAvatars, a Gravatar replacement You can now use MyAvatars, a plugin that shows MyBlogLog’s avatars in your comments instead of Gravatar’s ones even if you’re not subscribed to Very cool! I did not see anything about image caching and the ability to use the MyBlogLog avatars on posts would be a cool addition, but this is much appreciated and much needed plugin. Thanks MyBlogLog Blog (that was a mouthful)




  1. Napolux (5 comments.) says:

    Well, the plugin is still in its early releases…

    I’ll make it better & better day-by-day


  2. Elliott C. Bäck (15 comments.) says:

    I saw this and immediately thought “caching” and “fallback to gravatar” and “fallback to website favicon.” We’ll see how bored I get–I might make those changes.

  3. Everton Blair (7 comments.) says:

    I’ve just written my first plugin that show’s the commentor’s MyBlogLog Avatar next to a list of recent comments in the sidebar


  4. Tigersmack (1 comments.) says:

    I have a minor issue with the myavatars plugin. If the comment author has entered an email address but not a url, then whenever you hover over the avatar (or the default image if there’s no avatar), their email address is displayed on the end of the link in the browser’s status bar. Given that I’ve told people their email addresses won’t be published, I can’t really have that happening.

    I’ve tried to contact the author but the napolux website is currently down. Hopefully I can get in touch with him and get this issue addressed in a future release.

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