Blogging is Addictive

July 6th, 2006

Find Me A Cure: I finally got my dad to blog about something that he cares deeply about and has a lot of good information on. I have been practicing yoga on and off all of my life and have been coached and coaxed by my dad to try alternative forms of medication, treatment and therapy for as long as I can remember. Some of these have worked wonders for me, others have failed to make much of a difference. But I trust his judgement, appreciate his knowledge and I really value his opinions on yoga, alternative medication and therapy.

My father is a complete Internet newbie. You could almost call him a perpetual newbie since most concepts of the Internet are beyond what he wants to learn or cares to understand. I made him buy his first computer for our Calcutta home approximately six years ago and he has come a long way since. He has always kept up with my blogs and tried to understand my WordPress obsession but I wanted him to try and blog. Now my mom cannot get him away from the computer. She says that he is completely obsessed with his blog, checks his pageviews every couple of minutes and cannot stop talking about

He has trouble typing and his English is broken, but his zeal for the subject (of alternative medication) and his desire to reach out to people and help them is supreme. It really makes me proud that my father is not only helping others, he is doing so at his own pace, with a tool that I feel very strongly about and has gotten so intensely involved. I now have to teach him how to use the Google Spellchecker and to tweak and play with some of the more advanced features inside WordPress. Visit his blog often and leave him a message if you will.




  1. Kissing Bandit (4 comments.) says:

    Mark. You are a sweetheart.

  2. Ajay (72 comments.) says:

    Congrats on getting your dad to blog. Now if only I manage to get mine.

  3. gnorb (5 comments.) says:

    Ajay: You and me, both. However, I fear that if I get my dad to blog I’ll never stop hearing the questions. Still, it would be nice, since my sisters both blog, I blog on various sites — heck, we could make it a family activity!

  4. Sam (13 comments.) says:

    I like the domain name: – very fitting for the topic.
    I think older bloggers should be incouraged to blog and to network with other seniors. They have a wealth of knowledge to share. I wrote a blurb about this a few weeks ago. Your dad’s blog is an example of what I was trying to say. It looks like he has acquired a substantial amount of info in the short time he has been writing!

  5. Noreen (2 comments.) says:

    Whom do you consider ‘older’ bloggers, LOL? I just turned 48, my kids are 32 and 28, and I don’t consider myself a ‘senior’, LOL!
    I AM addicted to blogging, I have SIX! (and have had for a number of years!)

  6. Noreen (2 comments.) says:

    we “oldster” bloggers DO have a wealth of info to share. I LIKE your Dad’s blog, BTW!

  7. Sam (13 comments.) says:

    Hi Noreen,
    I guess there are two age groups I reference: Baby Boomers and ‘Seniors’. The later your’e not (nor am I), the former we are (I’m on the tail end of the baby boomer gen.)
    So relax, by the time you and I officially become Seniors, think how much blogging will have changed and how much we will have written in our journals. When we can no longer type, we’ll have plenty to read!
    Have a great weekend.

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