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January 14th, 2007
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This is written by Sreejith Ramakrishnan

When I refer to this statement I’m talking about the westernised version of karma other than the traditional Indian word. Here, karma refers to the “do good things and get good things” approach. Before starting off on this topic, read through the lines which follow, and feel the difference between an idealised world and the real world. So, here goes a little recap about blogging.Many of you may feel that this is just article about the evolution of blogging. But, the point is that, reading this would help you conceive the theory.

Blogging evolved as a medium or platform for expressing opinions and circulating news. Within a short period of time, blogging has achieved “world domination” through it’s simplicity and power. Anyone, from teenagers to professionals, can be a journalist. They can publish and popularise their views, in their small corner of the blogosphere. This led to immense changes in the whole “feel” of the internet. Blogs became more and more common and it increased exponentially.

Search engines whetted their appetite on the rich content from blogs and blogs became “a search engine’s best friend”. But trust me, this is a much idealised description of what is going on. People, who knew the power of blogs and the advantage it had, over traditional websites, began to switch to blogs and started practising a lot of “tricks” to get attention. These tricks, eventually, became “parts” of blogging success.

Us bloggers started to manipulate the blogosphere. We started to steal content through RSS syndicated feeds and popularised it using bad SEO. We blended Ads with the page layout to rip off ignorant visitors. We, literally, sold our own views, through article directories.

But why ? Why should we be cheating, when we are already given equal possibilities ? Don’t you think we are competing on unfair grounds ? Well, we are. Some may think: “Dude, that’s the way it is. How am I supposed to make a difference?”. But, the fact is that, we can make a difference !! How ? By “blogging for karma”. You may ask: “Hey, you new age hippie freak, how are you supposed to do that ?

It’s easy. Do good things and get good things. That’s all. So, how to do good things ? Well, writing good articles which would help a lot of people from some kind of problem is a good thing. Just think of it like this : You’re helping out a lot of people who are in need of help. All for free !! So, you’re doing a big favour. And what do you get in return ? That’s the best part !!

When you blog for those of people, you’re actually helping them a lot of hours of struggling. So, when you write good content, obviously, people like it and you get “good karma”. Now, this “good karma” is going to be really helpful in the long run. When people like your content, they come for more and more of it. Thus, increasing your traffic.

Gradually, they become loyal to you. They will start trusting and respecting your opinions. They will recommend your blog to other people so that more people come to your site and feast on your content, thus leaving more good karma. And, as long as you keep doing this, you get more karma and this my friend, goes on and on !! And many a times, people may think your content is worth some bucks and may leave you some donation, that you actually deserve.

Gradually, search engines will also start trusting you, because of the traffic patterns to your site, and you will get ranked higher in SERP (Search Engine Rank Pages). After a long time, you evolve to become an “authority” in your topic, all because people trust you. And, the other “big guys” out there will say : “Hmm…who’s this new kid in town ?”. And HURRAY, you’re in their club !! You’re a blogging celebrity !!

But remember, all this comes from just one little concept: “Blogging is karma”. Though it may take a lot of time and effort to practise it, it is still worth it. Of course, karma isn’t the only road to success. But, this concept leaves long time results which can stretch to a lifetime of blogging success.




  1. Sreejith (3 comments.) says:

    Wonder why no one is commenting. I see the same behavior with all of the last entries. Hey, please tell me about it, people. I really needs some criticism here !! lol

  2. Subbaraman Iyer (1 comments.) says:

    I do agree with your general stance of seeing blogging as a good karma. I think people want to maximize their time and seeing some bloggers become famous and getting all the attention, certainly makes many people envious and they want to discover their 15 minutes of fame.

    Well, I already know someone who is writing a book on Use blogs to make money.

  3. miriam (1 comments.) says:

    A blogger I know recently deleted the blog. Somehow the idea got in this persons mind that outpouring thoughts on a blog about the past were building karma!
    What do you say? Do you build karma when you open your mouth about your self and the events in your life? Does the writing on your own suffering creates karma since what you sow is what you reap? I would say it does not since the intention can be good and we are all trying to be the best person we can be at the moment. Just curious for your look at this.

  4. Blog Comment online resource tool (1 comments.) says:

    Your uttering defined as karma is an interesting stance. True inner thoughts noted as a scribe may be more appropriate to the term karma. The phrase “And many a times, people may think your content is worth some bucks and may leave you some donation” lends toward psychological marketing, “Gradually, they become loyal to you. They will start trusting and respecting your opinions.”, or possibly using your minutes of fame to make a buck, etc. Sorry for the dissenting opinion, but I feel it. I wasn’t going to leave my URL but I felt it fair to allow examination as not to be defined hypocritical. I do write frequently, hopefully providing useful insight to my readers, but don’t claim my personal ramblings to be defined karma. (I also checked the followup box.)
    Thanks for entetaining my thoughts on blog karma …


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