Reading List Fodder #1

May 29th, 2006
  • Ike
  • Uneasy Rhetoric is a paean to my hometown, Sacramento, California. I loved it, I left it, I came rushing back into its fry’an’egg on the sidewalk hot embrace. A politically aware community activist by design (living in the capital of the world’s sixth largest economy), my blog will also contain a smattering of political banter, some wistful nostalgia, and the occasional foray into rhetoric.
  • CT
  • Catnabbit My site could always use some more cat loving visitors, and I’ll be keeping up to see what other sites you feature!
  • SB
  • Pop Occulture. I’ve been trying to stay true to the whole “write good content” thing for about three years now, covering all aspects of fringe culture from everything to technology to pop culture, to conspiracy and contemporary spirituality. Thanks in advance for the opportunity to spill my guts here!
  • I think there’s some outdoorsy people that may be interested in my WordPress blog. I’m currently driving around and visiting each of the US National Parks, publishing a blog entry for each. So far, I’m up to 33 out of 58. I update twice a week with a (hopefully) funny story and travel tips from where ever I happen to be.
  • Pundit Mine’s an old personal journal. It’s existed since the early days of b2, and seems like it’s topic’less, but it’s usually my take on whatever is on my mind at the time. I don’t believe I am experiencing a dearth of visitors, but some new faces and friendly opinions can’t hurt!
  • I could definitely use a larger audience – right now, I’ve been writing at for almost three years and podcasting there for a little over six months. My topics range anywhere from workplace issues to local politics to LGBT issues – and the occasional meme or TV event. I’m always looking for fresh perspectives, comments and readers.
  • Kissing Bandit
  • Kenneth Stein Much thanks for all the tools and the interesting links. I’m striving to blog about concepts rather than events and situations. While the readership is still small, I suspect that it will soon begin to grow. And if not, perseverance alone is omnipotent!
  • Although most of the content on my site is ramblings about my family it also contains over 300 recipes posts. I also have alot of information I am putting together about WordPress. These two items drive a fair amount of traffic but I could always use more.
  • Rick Beckman Not sure how popular the opinions expressed within are, but my blog resides at Watch’ and I would certainly appreciate even a tiny boost in readership.
  • House Plan needed? Will draft or help it fit you! Now that I am comfortable with the look of my blog, I feel I can sit on it awhile and post regularly. I hope to use the “Good Samaratian” approach while shamelessly plugging my talents.
  • Jackson The problem is that I feel I am always straying.
  • Getting a niche market promotion isn’t easy. These tools could be great.
  • G.M. Nowels
  • Misguided Thoughts is my site that I’ve been running for a while. While the content includes my….erm, misguided thoughts on life, tv, religion (yipes!) and such, I’m also developing the CMS Showcase



  1. pundit (6 comments.) says:

    Cool, thanks!

  2. Jackson (2 comments.) says:

    Thanks for the link.

  3. tim boucher (5 comments.) says:

    awesome. i appreciate it!

  4. Eduardo Castillo Chagy (1 comments.) says:

    jajajja… por lo menos sirbio para probar si estabamo muertos o de parranda asi que un abrazo turnio y pa la proxima le damos al clavo y toco que copete te tomaste ahora que venis con esas noticias brujasssss toma del bueno no lo de siempre!

  5. CT (3 comments.) says:

    Gracias for the linky-linkage. Now I’m waiting for the oceans of visits to flood my blog…

  6. Rick Beckman (4 comments.) says:

    Awesome, thanks so much!

  7. test (3 comments.) says:

    this is just to test, as I was trying to post the comment but it failed.


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