WP theme: Prebuilt


WP theme: Prebuilt Two column, tabbed, sophisticated theme for WordPress with Flickr integeration and some extra commenting features. The initial screenshots look encouraging though I could not find a demo.




  1. AJ (4 comments.) says:

    Here’s a live preview:

  2. Novac (2 comments.) says:

    I noticed that the Prebuilt page now has a link to a preview:

    Update: A live preview is now available at astereo.

  3. Jim Hummel says:

    I noticed that the latest download (5/29/06) does not have a stylesheet or template (according to my WordPress themes page). I was able to move the stylesheet to the root of the installation, but there does not appear to be any template file. Any hints?

  4. AJ (4 comments.) says:

    Hmm, I’ll check the files, sorry about that.

  5. AJ (4 comments.) says:

    Alright, I think your problem was you probably uploaded the theme under too many folders. This was my fault, because after extracting theme you have to go under …/prebuilt/prebuilt/prebuilt .. before you actually get to the theme. I cleaned that up and the newest theme zip isn’t like that. After extraction, open up the newly created folder, you’ll see the readme, plugins folder, and prebuilt folder. Upload that prebuilt folder you see in there as-is and it should work.

  6. Jim Hummel says:

    Thanks! But I’m still running into an issue.
    First, uploading it that way clutters my themes directory (I like to switch on occassion) so that I have the default theme along with your prebuilt, plugins directories and the readme.html file. Personally, I’d have all of it in a prebuilt directory.
    Anyhow, following your suggesstion, I noticed that upon refreshing the page, several photos that I have posted in entries don’t appear, and the “Recent Chatter” box comes up with the “Call to undefined function: get_recent_comments() in [multiple directories masked]…wp-content/themes/prebuilt/sidebar.php on line 11″ which doesn’t seem to make sense. But then again, I have very few comments (and they were quite some time ago). Also, it would appear that the theme does not support the “more” command (for lack of a better word) to enable a link to read the complete post. Would I need to update my posts to reflect a full page (manual links)?
    Lastly, the banner ends up showing my pages and not links as with other themes. Maybe I just didn’t read the documentation enough. I’ll need to go through the php to see where stuff is laid out. I also guess that I need to configure the Flickr section. (I’m using FastTrack 1.0 by Sadish Balasubramanian at the moment).
    Overall, a nice page. I just need to do some more research on it.


  7. Mark Seymour (1 comments.) says:

    Last night I downloaded this theme, unzipped, uploaded it, and I’d say that it is probably one of the better themes that I have used. (I’ve used fSpring, Green Marinée, and Tarski before.) I’ve edited some of the CSS as well as some of the files and header image, and I think that this looks really nice! Did a little bit of PHP tweaking with the comments link, cause it wasn’t working before, and now it works the way that I want it to. I am planning some more customization to it later on. Again, thanks to Devlounge for the wonderful theme!
    My blog is at

  8. AJ (4 comments.) says:

    Leave a reply in our flickr group page and I’ll help you out

  9. Maria says:

    It needs support for Widgets for the noobs (like me). Lovely theme. Crisp, clean.


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