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April 7th, 2006

So, following up my post on what is a good prize, I would like to announce a competition to redesign the way looks and feels. The competition will last for 30 days starting this Sunday, 9th of April.

  • Since there is not a whole lot of time, entries in non-working or presentation formats will be allowed.
  • Prizes will be sent out when a working copy of the design is in my posession.
  • First Prize is a Microsoft XBox 360 Premium system or equivalent cash
  • Two consolation Prizes 2GB Flash Drive or Shuffle 1GB or equivalent cash
  • The three top designs will get a link from the front page to their site of choice for a month
  • All entries must be emailed to mark @ wltc . net with a subject of “ redesign”
  • All decisions regarding the competition are at my sole discretion.

A few things about the design

  • Entries must include a design for all the pages in the top menu (beside the forums, wiki and the news sections)
  • There will have to be a space for “WordPress News”
  • Entries must be written for the latest release version of WordPress
  • Designs I have liked in the past include
  • Usability and simplicity is important
  • The focus is WordPress, blogging, the news and the information, not the flashiness of the blog, the graphics or the ads.
  • Entries do not have to focus on PHP code. I will fashion it to my liking.
  • Last but not the least, Valid and Compliant markup is essential.

Please let me know if there are any questions and I would appreciate it if you would pass on the message.




  1. Computer Guru (13 comments.) says:

    “the way looks and feels”
    you spelled your site wrong…..

    Good luck with the design!

  2. Phu (1 comments.) says:

    “Entries must include a design for all the pages in the top menu”

    I assume that you just mean blog, archives, news and not, for example, the wiki or the forum; otherwise, that’s a significant amount of work, especially it being a 30 day competition.

  3. Mark (118 comments.) says:

    Yes, I agree with you. I should redefine that statement.

  4. João Craveiro (9 comments.) says:

    Is there (or will there be) a more workable logo (plain or transparent background, PSD file, …)? Or is the creation of a new logo part of the contest?… ;)

  5. Mark (118 comments.) says:

    I guess “re-creating” the logo would have to work. I do not have access to the original.

  6. cori (1 comments.) says:

    A question that your response to João brought to mind. Do you want a new logo, or do you want a re-do of the existing one?

    Also, though I think it’s probably obvious I’ll ask anyway. The winning theme belongs to whom? Can the author also publish the theme to the public?

  7. Christian Montoya (2 comments.) says:

    LOL perfect timing, today I was thinking “when will that ugly wbtc site get redesigned?”

    No offense, of course.

    And thanks for posting what you like, it helps on such short notice. I still might not have time to participate, but I’d like to.

  8. dandyna (16 comments.) says:

    I would like to apply to the contest. Just a question: could the whole thing be done with a wordpress CMS so that the items in the menu are WP pages? Thanks

  9. Adam says:

    Sorry to be rude but I have a big problem with “contests” like this. It’s a great deal for you if you can get people to do it. But it’s most certainly not a good deal for the designer.

    Why? Well, you’re not only getting a brand new site redesign (mockup & XHTML/CSS) for around — what — $500-$600 (which in this ‘web 2.0′ economic client is Bangladore-cheap)? You’re also getting to pick through all the entries and choose your favorite — which is spec work, which good designers don’t do (

    I would encourage designers not to contribute to this. A link on the frontpage of a slightly popular blog for a month and a new Xbox is not how good webdesign is done. Would you hold a contest for architects to design your new house for you? No you wouldn’t. This is no different.

  10. dandyna (16 comments.) says:

    Adam, I think it could be no serious, but it’s funny to make, is not that a professional webdesigner has to be serious all the time!! :) I would LOVE LesCorbousier to build my own house :PpPp

  11. Cody Foss (2 comments.) says:

    I’ll second that (if I got the gist of it right). Most professional designers will probably ignore this competition.

    Competitions like this aren’t a business model, they’re something fun to do. They also might be an ok way to get exposure and/or build a portfolio. Or even to do as a hobby. But I wouldn’t take it too seriously.

  12. Cody Foss (2 comments.) says:

    I’m not sure if this was answered. Who owns the final product? I’m sure you wouldn’t be crazy about the winner redistributing his/her design but what about the runner-ups or non-winners? Thanks.

  13. Mark (118 comments.) says:

    Thats a good question but hard to answer. I am not against re-distributing any of the designs (beside the logo and/or color scheme). If other people benefit from this competition beside theme authors getting their name out, then that outcome is even more benefitial for everyone.


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