ShoZu: Mobile Photo Upload

April 5th, 2006
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ShoZu: Mobile Photo Upload This purpportedly allows uploads of pictures and videos from your mobile phone to sites such as Flickr and multiple blogs such as Blogger, Typepad and WordPress. Any users in our midst?




  1. Phonetagger (1 comments.) says:

    I love ShoZu! I use it all the time. With an unlimited data plan it makes it the easiest way to get cell phone pics onto the internet. Combined with a flickr badge, I only have to press a button twice to get a pic on my blog. One click to take the picture and another click to confirm the upload to flickr. You can also tag your photos. It’s free and the only thing they do is they automatically tag your photo with ShoZu, which a small price to pay! ShoZu has also saved my butt when my phone died because it uploads your contacts to your account on the internet so if your phone dies you can still get to your contacts. I videoblogged the experience at I heart ShoZu! I also reviewed the app over at

  2. Sam (13 comments.) says:

    From their website:

    * Currently free but may be be chargable in the future. Can be switched off at any time from the ShoZu application.

    Given the cost (either per/use, or per/month) of added cell phone functionality, I’d rather use my digital camera and upload higher quality pics to my blog, than line the pockets of my mobile phone carrier’s pockets.

    Is anyone adding up the cost of ring tones, web-enabled browsing, text messaging, and photo sending features in a monthly bill?

    And after taxes and usage fees… It’s not worth it for me.

  3. Andrew (1 comments.) says:

    I really like ShoZu too. One-click flickr uploads are surprisingly handy, and if you’ve got a few seconds it’s easy to add tags and a description. The software also does nice things like confirming automatic uploads if they detect you’re in another country. I emailed them asking if they’d support the flickr->blog feature, and they got back to me to say that it’s in the pipeline.

  4. tobto (1 comments.) says:

    ShoZu – is fine!

  5. Megan (1 comments.) says:

    Shortly after we posted our original review of Shozu, we received feedback from Andy Tiller, the Chief Technology Officer of Shozu. Receiving such a quick response, or a response at all for that matter from a company, is a rarity so we tried Shozu again. We borrowed a new PDA on a Cingular service plan (our previous review was with TMobile’s SDA).

    Setting up the phone the second time around was easier, but still could be simpler. Shozu is aware of this and is most likely working to resolve this. We found that there was! indeed a setting to turn of pop-ups – which was the single largest complaint we had when we reviewed the service the last time. It turns out our biggest complain was my fault.

    The service this time around went without a glitch. It’s strange, but all of our software glitches have now come up using T-Mobile’s phones when enabled with the internet service option. We contacted T-Mobile and were instructed to bring our phone in.

    We’re fortunate to have received Andy’s response, because the pop-up box was the only impediment to using the service. We hope that Shozu’s excellent customer service and follow-up continues, and other companies could take note here.

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