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January 24th, 2008
WordPress Hack, WordPress Plugins

Mobile Phone Optimized WordPress: Thanks to a tip from Amit, I found a quick and painless way to optimize a WordPress blog (or any blog with a feed for that matter) for use with a mobile phone. The trick is to use Google’s excellent mobile news readers to display your blog. The resulting content is not only lightning fast, it is also well formatted and relatively easy to navigate. To see for yourself, craft the following URI in your browser.[Your Feed URI]

This is the optimized mobile version of Weblog Tools Collection. Once you have the feed, just create a link on your blog for readers to follow and/or bookmark. Of note is the excellent WordPress Mobile plugin from Alex for those who like a one stop shop.




  1. Leslie Wong (1 comments.) says:

    FYI, Alex King’s WordPress Mobile Edition plug-in is now at version 2.0.

  2. Dwayne says:

    Awesome tip!!! Thanks for the simplicity…

  3. Craig (2 comments.) says:

    A mobile site without another plugin? sounds good to me, even with google’s branding splashed on it. Thanks for the head’s up.

  4. Mosey says:

    Unfortunately I had difficulty getting any mobile phone optimiser plugin to work with Wp-Cache back in the day, so this solution sounds pretty amazing! :) Thanks for the info :D For those looking for a further alternative using a plugin, Lesterchan also developed a WAP plugin that’s available from here:

  5. nemski says:

    Also, check out this iphone plugin,

    I’ve gotten both Alex’s and contentrobot’s plugins to work together.

  6. Tadd (89 comments.) says:

    Ah man .. more great solutions! AWESOME!

    I’m working on a few fairly large sites and this was something the client wanted … just in time! THANKS!

  7. Hazel Stone (2 comments.) says:

    This plugin is also fantastic for pda-friendly templates:

  8. Mike Rowehl (1 comments.) says:

    We’ve recently released a WordPress Mobile plugin that uses our mobile content adaption system at Mowser:

    We’ve tried to give the publisher a ton of control, but also do a lot of the heavy lifting for them. The Mowser version also mobilizes external links, so that not only is you blog viewable, anything you link to is viewable also.

    – Mike

  9. Escortmacher (1 comments.) says:

    We’ve released an WordPress Mobile Plugin based on Andy Moore’s plugin which will extract content images,resize and reduce quality to bring it up on mobile devices without a lot of traffic.
    You will find the Plugin here:
    WordPress Mobile Plugin

  10. robin jewsbury (1 comments.) says:

    At Mippin we’ve released a wordpress plugin based on the Mike Rowehl’s version. Since it uses Mippin you get the best rendering possible on every mobile phone.

  11. tommy (1 comments.) says:

    I have a question, will this plug-in work on all phones? I am thinking of getting the new xperia x1, and I am just curious as to rather this will work for my phone as well.

  12. Michael Kamleitner (1 comments.) says:

    I’ve been using iWPhone (in combination with WordPress Mobile Edition for other handsets) myself, but never really was satisfied with the mobile-compliance of it’s HTML-ouput. Recently I’ve switched to Mobilepress, a great plugin which not only does the job of iWPhone & Mobile Edition, but also produces much better HTML. I’ve compiled some advice on how to get even better optimized code from Mobilepress:

  13. Rich Gubby (1 comments.) says:


    Thought I’d add mine into the mix:

    It’s a mobile plugin for WordPress that optimizes to all devices – not only new handsets like the iPhone but old WML browsers! It’s now at version 1.2 with a load of new features!

    Take a look, I’d really appreciate any feedback!



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