March 16th, 2006
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sxore is an identity and reputation system for blog authors, readers and commenters. By acting as an intermediary between blog posts and comments, sxore provides a framework of identity for participants in the blog dialog. At its simplest, this framework stops comment spam by requiring commenters to prove that they’re not automated spam bots, and by providing moderation tools to blog authors.
Sounds interesting? Read more at the link above. I got bored after the first few paragraphs because I thought they were overthinking the whole commenting thing. Also, their website has a distinct “Flickr” feel to it. Anyone use their beta software yet?




  1. Bru (1 comments.) says:

    Well, I remember a nice dinner with Marc Canter in Amsterdam a couple of years ago when he was ranting for sxip and their distributed identity system. Now I see it again emerging from the blogosphere. In the meanwhile, I see typekey had some success but very limited to their own sphere of influence (typepad/MT, maybe LJ too? I don’t use it).

    Funny enough, the most successful “reputation system” nowadays seems to be gravatar: simple, “hacky”, not rigorous at all (ok it hasn’t anything to do with blocking spam though).

  2. Randy Peterman (3 comments.) says:

    Many people are skeptical of new requirements with more logins to remember (unless you remember them by having them all be the same). I doubt this will take off. I have having to login to leave comments, just ask for my info, I’ll give it, but don’t make me login to a central location for a select few blogs.

  3. weston (2 comments.) says:

    I have tried it. :) I work there!
    Seriously though, please give it a try and let me know what you think. We launched the beta just in the last two weeks.
    It provides identity for comments, which prevents spam and helps you know who’s commenting on your blog. It has a follow feed which helps you keep track of what comments come after your comment in a thread. It helps blog owners reduce their moderation load because you can whitelist and blacklist commenters.

  4. weston (2 comments.) says:

    The multiple logins problem is exactly one of the problems sxore solves. You only have one password for all the blogs that use sxore. You only have to login once at the beginning of your browsing session and then you can leave comments on any sxore-enabled blog. You also don’t have to type in your name, your email, and your blog URL everytime you want to leave a comment.


  1. Just Bru says:

    Sxore. Sometimes they xome back!

    In august 2004 I remember a very nice dinner in Amsterdam hosted by Marc Canter. During the dinner, Marc explained this cool new company who was taking on where FOAF “left” (or well, this is what I remember from that…

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