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January 31st, 2006
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DreamHost WordPress Rebate Get your hosting from Dreamhost and receive $60 rebate for the first year by using code WORDPRESS60 in addition to already reduced prices. Via Email. PS: If publishing this rebate item is against any policies, please email me and I shall remove it. [EDIT] Use code S90 for $90 off your yearly price. Thanks Stephen in comments.




  1. Stephen says:

    You can receive $90 rebate for the first year by using code S90

  2. Jess (1 comments.) says:

    One might wonder if Dreamhost should be the web host of choice… The answer is clear: They are outstanding, and I can only recommend them. Can’t wait to move all my hosted stuff to their servers.
    The one click WP install is only one of many benefits.

  3. Jonah says:

    Better Still: Use code WP92 for $92 off yearly plans.

  4. Bill Brown (1 comments.) says:

    What’s more, they now offer one-click WP upgrades.

  5. Joe Tan (3 comments.) says:

    just so it’s clear, those rebate codes are actually referal codes…. you get $97 for each referal (one year account), but you can make codes which just come out of the $97. so a $60 code will earn whoever made the code $37.

  6. Lori Helderman (1 comments.) says:

    dreamhost is awesome. I’ve been with them for a few years now.

  7. Robert Stewart (1 comments.) says:

    I concur in the Dreamhost lovefest. I’ve been a client for almost three years and have been extremely pleased with them. If for some reason you want to do your own WordPress install on Dreamhost, I wrote up some WP install instructions quite a while ago that will simplify the process. For most people, though, I recommend the one-click install.

  8. Steve says:

    To balance out these comments, I am leaving Dreamhost this week, because of the amount of downtime that occurs (especially in the MySQL servers) on a seemingly regular basis.
    I have learnt (the hard way) – At the end of the day; you get what you pay for.

  9. Piggy says:

    I echo what Steve said – I’m also leaving dreamhost.

    The downtime in the last few months has been depressingly frequent.

    As he says, the discount/referral codes sound nice, but it’s worth asking yourself why such hefty discounts/referrals are given.

    Yes, Dreamhost DO sound very good and SOME people have had a very good experience with them. Sadly however, some of us can tell you some very and I mean very sorry tales indeed.

  10. Kellea (1 comments.) says:

    Dreamhost is far from a “Dream” I have an account with them, had it since 2002. I’d cancel it if it weren’t free (past referrers are residual, so the account is free due to being paid monthly.) ANYWAY, I don’t use it and I had a site that was eating up bandwidth so I thought I’d just move it over to Dreamhost. Well within 30 days of moving the site from to my traffic went from 3000+ unique visitors a day to barely breaking 800 a day. The ONLY difference, the only only one was the move to a new server. There was no downtime and all features are the same. The site has been online since 2003. So, I just KNOW it has something to do with being on the Dreamhost server.

    I’m moving the site back off this weekend. Dreamhost isn’t even worth having when the account is free. Seriously. I am not kidding. The downtime, waiting 3 days for help responses, no phone number to call, when a site is down and you email them.. they respond back only “after” the site is back online and their canned response is: “the site is online now.. there doesn’t appear to be a problem” like you’re some sort of idiot? Ok, I’ll stop. I can go on and on and on. And yea those are all referrer codes disguised as discount codes and I’d never again refer anyone as I wouldn’t want to be responsible for someone elses misfortune :(

  11. James King says:

    New codes:


  12. James King says:

    New codes:



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