Postings of Obscene Photos End Free-Form Editorial Experiment

June 21st, 2005

Postings of Obscene Photos End Free-Form Editorial Experiment A week or so ago I had linked to the Wiki experiment from LA Times. The experiment is over. Welcome to the world of wiki vandalism.




  1. Lelia Katherine Thomas (15 comments.) says:

    I had been waiting for this to happen. I’ve yet to see where Wikis have been misused personally, and it’s been shocking. What an open forum for abuse!

    I think Wikis, as they become more popular, will have to result to a similar setup to that found at such places as–human verification and profiles. That way they can eradicate the abusers to a large extent. Of course, that takes away some of the beautiful anonymity of the Wiki.

    Spammers can suck sometimes.

  2. Elana (2 comments.) says:

    Even as I consider starting my own wikis, I’ve always been concerned about the ease of abuse to which they could be subject to. That’s not to say the collaboration of the Wikipedia isn’t a good thing, it’s just a format very open to the sort of abuse we saw here. Even Wikipedia has had its problems. The problems are always in spots which could easily lend itself to argument. Perhaps the idea of a Wiki for editorials and opinion pieces wasn’t the right place to start this experiment, or perhaps it should have been better monitored and moderated.


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