WP Plugin Competition Update #1

April 19th, 2005

Everyone does know that the plugin competition is underway …. right?
Shame on me for not mentioning it here, but the WordPress Plugin and Mod Competition officially started on April 15th and has been gathering steam.
Some good plugins have been submitted and plugin authors have been very responsive! There are a couple of requests for plugins on that blog and people have been visiting the wiki to get more information and to add their names to the list.
If you are a plugin developer, sign up and sign in on PluginBlog to request plugin ideas, beta test requests or to just announce a plugin. Thank you to everyone that is participating and everyone that is helping.
In spite of a good response from developers, we still need more participants and more plugins. There is a lot of money, praise and appreciation to be won! If you know of someone that would be a good participant, feel free to prod them. We would also really appreciate links back to the blog and the wiki from your blog.

In addition to the participation hoopla, we are actively seeking prize donations from the community and sponsorship ads for the blog and the wiki. Prizes can be anything. If you would like to help the WordPress community and have a couple of books or gift certs lying around, please email us (at mark at wltc dot net) and let us know.




  1. planetOzh says:

    WordPress Plugins Meme, and Contest

    Plugins I like, and contest I’ll try to get in !

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