WordPress Plugin Competition Update #4

May 31st, 2005

The end of the plugin competition is on 15 days away. We have over 52 registered authors on the pluginblog, many many plugins have come out of the competition and all of this is great news for the WordPress community.

Just a few items for the competition hopefuls. (This information is cross-posted on the pluginblog and the pluginwiki and on

In order to make sure that I have the correct bit of code and to level the playing field, I request that the plugins be sent to me email address as an entry into the competition. Here is what is needed:

  1. One email per plugin entered into the competition
  2. Subject of the email should be exactly “WordPress Plugin Competition #1 Entry” followed by the name of your plugin
  3. The email should contain the following:
    • A zip file with your code and complete installation instructions
    • A small writeup of what your plugin is supposed to do
    • Any other considerations/requirements/idiosyncracies of your code
    • Your full name and a point of contact such as email address
    • A little about you (if you want)
  4. Email to be sent to mark at wltc dot net
  5. Last date and time for receiving entries is set at June 15th, 11:59 PM
  6. Please email me if you have any questions

The email request for judges is set to go out as soon as I have it written. I hope to distribute the plugins among four or five individuals with overlapping plugins among two to reduce the amount of work required of them.

Thank you for your patronization. Please encourage people to get their plugins written and submitted.




  1. erik (4 comments.) says:

    just another plugin-request:
    developers wanted!
    (on integrating an existing gallery-script – or build from scratch :D )
    to keep it short, i just posted my request here (at
    really appreciate, if there are some coders out there, that could help with this!
    thanks for taking the challenge!


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