So whats the next “Killer” Blogging Application?

September 21st, 2004

I am going to try something new this time. I would like to know what people think will be the next “killer app” in the blogging field. We are caught up with the little details and the intricate features of our tools (which are very important, BTW) and we tend to forget to look towards the future. What will change the face of blogging as we know it today? What will make every Google eyed blogger go… Ooooohhhhhh, I want THAT!

I say it is going to be a Windows integerated blogging tool that has built in xml APIs to post to blogs, much like FTP is built into Internet Explorer (no reverence implied here). Complete integration into Windows would mean a Hotmail/MSN/Passport Blogging site and loads and loads of (more) blogs. Now, I dont know if this would be a killer app, but it would change blogs as we know it today. How far away is the day that the number of blogs in the blogosphere approaches the number of Chat nicknames today?

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If that happens, no doubt Microsoft would shout about how many bloggers they have, but if you look at Blogger, how many sites are actually live ?
There are at least 3 Bloggers sites of mine – each time the password system failed and they remain. Dead pages, unremovable by me, yet they exist all the same in some statistics table somewhere.

There needs to be some way of harvesting all the dead sites out there, not just in Blogger, but also the other free-to-use sites, and Microsoft would do well to do that too.





  1. Dougal Campbell (35 comments.) says:


    The next version of WordPress will be taking steps towards a couple of those features. It will have a theme switcher in the admin interface, and a facility to manage content for “static” (not the best descriptor, really) pages.

  2. PlanetPhillip (3 comments.) says:

    I think a killer app would be a blogging interface that let the reader/viewer completely decide how the blog looks. At the moment they may be able to choose between a few styles but what if they could drag and drop stuff (headings etc) and then format them how THEY wanted and the next time they visited that particular site it was EXACTLy how they made it look. A seperate template for each visitor.

    Maybe even a news aggregator with this feature would be cool.

  3. Cloudless (3 comments.) says:

    Here are the features I would like to see in a blogging app:
    – A true graphical user interface with WYSIWYG
    – Can switch themes on the fly.
    – CSS editor with live preview.
    – Complete control of the layout without modifying codes.
    – Content management for non-blog entries.

  4. prabhkar says:

    Where can I get free blog tool
    so that I can use in my applications

  5. CJ says:

    What I would like to see in a blogging application is one that is dummied up – sure, *I* fiddle with my wordpress theme and can semi figure out why when something doesn’t work, but not every writer with a blog knows how. A drag and drop design interface would be great, for WordPress. I like WordPress but you either need to know HOW to design your own, fiddle with someone elses or pay someone to do it for you.

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