Big Changes for Blogger in 2011


Blogger, Google’s 11-year-old blogging platform, will be kicking it into high gear in 2011 with a few improvements.

Premiered this year at SXSW, Blogger will be launching a completely overhauled user interface, putting to rest an interface that has begun to show its age. Following on its heels will be new mobile themes, and a new content discovery engine, “that lets you uncover interesting and related content based on the topics of the blog you’re currently reading.”¬†Google promises that there will be more to come, but they are not ready to reveal anything else at this time.

2011 is starting to sound like a big year for the blogging giant, and it will certainly be interesting to see what comes of it.




  1. Kakadu (1 comments.) says:

    Way overdue. I can’t believe how little Google has done with blogger. It had so much potential. I want to host my own WordPress sites so it doesn’t matter too much to me, but I still have two legacy blogger sites I still update and am amazed at how lame the attention has been from Google.

  2. Eddie Gear - The Guy With An Attitude (2 comments.) says:

    That is interesting. I know of a few bloggers in India, who love app. If Google can come up with a interface as simple as WordPress I am sure that many bloggers would shift platform, as long as SEO is not affected.

  3. Tom Coburn (67 comments.) says:

    would give automattic some serious competition thats for sure! maybe then automattic will finally start supporting facebook, google, and other existing account types on blogs and stand alone blogs in the wp core. So many people left sixapart because of typekey, but you see the blogging industry going in that direction, will too I’m sure, which I knew would eventually. nobody wants to sign up for every blog they see just to make a comment, I don’t even do that on celebrity blogs signing up for yet another account is not worth it, especially when you have to remember passwords for each account, now the competition rolls on.

  4. Destination Infinity (7 comments.) says:

    I had a blog both in blogger and WP initially – same posts posted on the same day, etc (I didn’t know about content duplication issues back then). Surprisingly, google thought the blogger site was the supplemental (PR – NA) and site was (back then) ranked PR – 3! Then I shifted totally to WP.

    But let us admit one thing, the ease of having your own domain and having advertisements without having to pay for hosting is a huge USP for blogger.

    Destination Infinity

  5. Samir (2 comments.) says:

    I’ve been using since 2008, and this radical a promise sounds amazing. Just hoping to see things change quicker than Blogger in Draft right now.

    Given the fact that most of the features of blogger are in-built and cannot be radically modified, Google really needs to implement changes on a grander scale as compared to WordPress, if Blogger can hope to compete successfully.

  6. Gwyneth Llewelyn (3 comments.) says:

    One wonders if Google won’t just simply use WordPress for the new Blogger platform and do some minor restyling on the backend… :)

    After all, there are a lot of Blogger-to-WordPress importers out there, and Google could just run them in the background ;)

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