WPBlacklist 1.21 Released

June 4th, 2004
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When I wrote WPBlacklist 1.2, I was aware of one problem – the fact that if you had URL with a folder path, the blacklist plugin threw up a whole bunch of errors because the URL screwed up the regular experssion matching. I did a temporary fix for that in the initial version because I couldn’t think of a way to fix this for all such instances. The fix involved modifying any known URL in the blacklist which could cause this problem. Unfortunately, a new URL was added to the blacklist a couple of days ago which causes this problem and I realized that I should come up with a permanent fix which would handle all such URLs in the future. After some tinkering and lots of testing, I’ve finally got WPBlacklist 1.21. This release has only one change – the addition of code to create a regex safe URL if the URL contains forward slashes :) You can get it from here.
Oops, was in a hurry and totally forgot to include instructions for upgrading users – sorry about that :) If you are upgrading, all you have to do is upload the PHP files to the same locations as before. You do not have to do the installation again though :p




  1. Wereldkeuken says:

    Thanks, it works! And I added some code and changed the database for blacklistening based on the name of the author.

  2. Kyramas (1 comments.) says:

    For those with 1.2 installed, which file to upload ?
    Or do we have to install all of it again ?

  3. Mr. Dew (1 comments.) says:

    I’m giving this a try, I hope it hopes for me :)

  4. weefselkweekje (1 comments.) says:

    Funny how this port of MT-blacklist is actually more convenient to work with than the original. Thanks so much :)

  5. james (1 comments.) says:

    got this up and working… however, it seems that the email notification is identical to the email that is sent when a valid comment is posted, rather than the moderation email being sent. could we get the content of the email changed to indicate it’s waiting for approval?


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    Versche spam
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