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June 3rd, 2004
Weblog Add-Ons, WordPress Hack

If you’d like to beta test this plugin, leave a comment on this thread, including your email address (never shown to the public) and I’ll send you the .zip file.

The install is easy, add a line to wp-comments.php upload 4 files, run the installer, and you’re done. The interface is a popup window that asks to add the email address entered in the comment form to the mailing list. It check if the address is already subscribed to the post, and if the address is on a site-wide banned list. If not they’re subscribed and will receive a mail everytime a comment is added to the post.

A word about the banned list. If someone is subscribing email address other than their own, this is a way for them to stop your site from sending any email to that address. I doesn’t stop the abuse, but gives the victim a quick way to stop it.

Also, I chose the popup window format as necessary evil to ward off evil subscribe bots. The orginal interface was just a checkbox for those posting, but found that could be a problem when attacked via comment spammers.

The emails come with a link to the unsubscribe page, which could use some dressing up.

Known bugs:

* The md5 hash sent in the email doesn’t match up with the programatically generated one.
* The unsubscribe page is butt-ugly.
* Probably should combine the subscribe and unsub files




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    pls send me post via email call plugin

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