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I wanted to tinker with the socket capabilities of PHP and wrote some small scripts to support automatic blogging of IRC conversations. It turned out pretty well after a few changes and issues that needed to be resolved. Here are the results.

The likely suspect is the #wordpress channel on where developers, contributors as well as helpful friendly folk hang out often. All of the conversations from that channel are now blogged to This is merely an experiment and if there are major objections to this process, this blog will be removed.

Some of the salient features of this include automatic blogging using xmlrpc. The script does not have to reside on the webhost machine. It is extremely fast and very configurable. At this time, every peice of conversation from every user is blogged as a seperate entry with the topic of the entry as the username of the person speaking. This is also turning out to be a test of extreme blogging through WordPress. The blog slows down after a certain size of the entries. All the entries are stripped of harmful tags before they are posted. Once this script has settled down a little and a few more bugs are ironed out, I will make it available for use. For reference, this uses the PHPIRC implementation for callbacks.




  1. Jeff (2 comments.) says:

    link isn’t working and I’d love to see this

  2. Chris says:

    Very nice implementation. I would change up the template a little bit to make things more readable (ie. make it look like mIRC or X-Chat). Other than that, great job, can’t wait to see some code for it!

  3. negatif says:

    wow :)
    I’m eager to see this working (url not working right now) and might be interested to do something nice out of it :)

  4. Mark (58 comments.) says:

    There is still some word to be done on the pinging event. Stay tuned. :-)

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