Threaded comments hack for WordPress 1.2+

May 9th, 2004
Code, WordPress Hack

I redid the threaded comments for WordPress 1.2 +
Now the install is very simple and the threads are formatted a little better. There is a very small CSS bug where in Opera the lower threads get smaller in size. I have not had the time to fix it yet, if you come up with a solution, please post it and I will add it to the distribution.
As always, please backup everything before installing this hack or any others.

You can see it at work here:

You can download the zip file from here:




  1. Mark says:

    Not that I know of. I think it would be a wonderful addition.

  2. vika (1 comments.) says:

    Thanks for the hack. I’ve installed it and, aside from a couple of CSS problems that I hope to fix soon, it’s great. Erm, do you know of anyone who’s followed up on your code and written a notification module? It’d be nice to give commenters a choice: “would you like to be notified when someone comments on your comment?” or: “would you like to be notified when anyone comments on this post?”

  3. bb (1 comments.) says:


  4. Andrey says:


  5. Carla (10 comments.) says:

    Perhaps combining the hack with Dunstan’s comment system would achieve something nice?

  6. Lindsay (2 comments.) says:

    It works, but the design of it is horrible. I was hoping the threaded comments would appear like the design in Scoop blogs. For example, check out this thread:

    Threaded Comments

  7. ADBarker says:

    Yeah, or like they are here.. I wonder where you can get this reply script/plugin/hack.


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