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April 27th, 2004

I am back in the market looking for a job for myself. Here is the gist of my resume.

I have a Masters degree in Computer Science from the University of Toledo.
I have an Undergraduate degree in physics with minors in English and Computer Science from The College of Wooster.

I specialized in databases. I have taken courses and have 3 years of experience in database administration and database programming.
Have three years of experience in C++, C, PHP, Perl, shell scripting, Visual Basic and VSE.
Have a working knowledge of Java, Javascript, UML, all of .NET, ASP and WML.
Can read most kinds of code and excel at debugging and bug tracking.
I work with at least three different open source applications.

I have over 5 years of experience with system administration in Operating Environments including Windows, UNIX, Linux and Macintosh. I am a Macintosh Certified Technician.
I have a fair amount of professional security and networking experience including security audit analysis and networking code analysis.
I have taken classes in and have a good understanding of wireless technology including cellular technology and IEEE 802 range and Bluetooth technologies.

I am very good with people. I love interacting with people, am not shy or afraid of public speaking and consider my candid nature and my ability to connect with people to be one of my major strengths. I work really well singly and with groups of people.
I am fluent in English, Hindi and Bengali and have a weak working knowledge of French.

I am willing to relocate to any part of the world and will be requiring sponsorship to work in that location (beside India). I am very flexible with travel and working hours. I am willing to make travel upto 90% of my working hours.
If you or your company are interested in talking further with me or would like to know more about my experience or background or would require references, please contact me at dinki at mac dot com.

Here is a link to my latest resume.




  1. Monica Moldoveanu says:

    Dear Ms./Mr.,

    my name is Monica Moldoveanu,I have 43 old year and I live in Romania.Because my husband work in Dubai from some month( he is mechanic engineer),I thought that it would better to work there too,for to be more easy both of us.I have more skills( I’m engineer,bookkeper,baby-sitter,operator P.C.),but here they aren’t use,because in Romania is verry difficulty to find a job.I know that in Emirates,the womans are pay with a little monay,but this are not important.I should be work for I help contribute of my family.Is verry difficult,because we have one son who study the piano at one high school in Romania and we must to help him financier ( he is olympic national and international ).At first,I could work like baby-sitter or housekeeper.If you are interested to help my family,I like to work for you.You may trust me and I’ll spare no effort to please you.
    With regards,

  2. Carthik (25 comments.) says:

    Everything he says, and more. He is the best when it comes to communicating with people, and I have know few men who are more helpful, and altruistic. He’s hardworking, talented, and nice. Now that’s a deadly combination. :)

  3. Beel (1 comments.) says:

    Carthik, Please delete this after you see it but I just wanted to tell you good luck in the job hunting. Also, your site looks great in everything but the most used browser. I think it might behoove you to tweak it to display properly in IE. Again, good luck.

  4. Wahyu (2 comments.) says:

    Have got job?

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